Great Love

love, relationships, the one who got away, running, fitness, humor, Modern PhilosopherI never know what’s going to pop into my head when I’m on a run, Modern Philosophers, and that’s part of what keeps the activity exciting for me.

It’s no secret that I hate running, but it is a necessary evil if I want to take care of myself, stay healthy, and improve my personal wellness.

One way I tolerate a run is by listening to music.  Lately, it’s been the Foo Fighters station on Pandora.  Great tunes to keep the legs pumping and if I play it loud enough, I can’t hear my muscles whining about how sore they are.

My other defense against the dark art of running is getting lost in my thoughts.  If I’m working on a new screenplay, I will mentally plot out the next scenes in my head while I run.  I like to test out potential dialogue for the new scenes by having the voices in my head act out the characters’ lines.

If I’m not sure what my blog post will be for the day, my run is the perfect time to sort out that problem.  Brainstorming story ideas will make the time pass in an instant, and before I know it, I’m back at The House on the Hill covered in sweat and ready to write.

This morning, however, things were a little different.  My mind kept reciting one line as if it were on a loop.  I liked the sound of it, so when I got home, I put it down on paper and then transformed it into a meme, which, in turn, led to this blog post…

love, relationships, the one who got away, running, fitness, humor, Modern PhilosopherWhy that line filled my head this morning and wouldn’t leave is unclear, but someone most definitely comes to mind when I read it.

I won’t reveal with whom I associate this quote, because I know some potential candidates check in on my blog from time to time, and I don’t wish to upset or confuse any of them.

We all know I’m a Hopeless Romantic, and I have a hard time letting go of anyone who once held a grip on my heart, but this quote is really sticking with me.  As I was running, I replayed certain memories of this relationship in my head, and it was obvious that there was so much potential for Happily Ever After there.

Don’t worry.  I won’t dwell.  It was a distraction that helped me through my run, and I have no intention of sitting here and thinking about what might have been.

I do like the quote, however, and will spend some time trying to build a screenplay around  it.  I might as well get something positive out of this Great Love that never came to be.

love, relationships, the one who got away, running, fitness, humor, Modern PhilosopherFor the record, the run went well.  I pushed a little further down the road than I had in my first week, and the scale rewarded me with good news when I got home.

Maybe I ran further today because my mind was preoccupied.  Maybe I wanted to prove that I have the potential to do anything, even if I often times have to do it alone.

With every stride, my heart gets stronger.  One day, my legs are going to catch up to the Great Love that’s been eluding me.

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About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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16 Responses to Great Love

  1. Keep running. Keep dreaming. Everyone deserves a Happily Ever After,

  2. Louise says:

    great idea for a quote but i think the idea for a screenplay has already been visited numerous times, ohh what the heck do another one… Whats with running?? why don’t you just power walk or briskly walk w light weights ( aka Luna’s kitty can food) to from the market, or ride a bike instead.

  3. The Hook says:

    Romance is a cause worth fighting for, buddy.
    Never give up the fight.

  4. I do my best thinking while I’m running. 🙂

  5. I do my best thinking while walking and I’m about to get back into my outside walking routine now that Maine is showing signs of spring. Don’t let go of your romanticism!

  6. lindahobden says:

    I don’t do running but I do think that brisk walking to music would work just as well. In fact, any mundane task is better once accompanied by upbeat music …. such as ironing! 😊 Karaoke withthe iron is great fun! 😜

  7. Yes, that is the human condition, isn’t it? The love that could have been is something I’ve also considered. But then if it could’ve been it would’ve been so really, could it have been? There’s your screenplay! LOL

  8. lsgaitan23 says:

    Okay, one, who let you into my mind and two, make yourself at home, but empty the dishwasher. I’m happily married, but this one still nags at me from time to time…I think it’s a by-product of living more than 20 or so years on this planet. You just can’t help but wonder sometimes…Another great post!

    • Austin says:

      I still really miss the sweet lass you was on my mind when I wrote this post. I loved her so much and we would’ve had such a happily ever after…

  9. Ha. I thought you were calling Lee the sweet lass who was on your mind! That would have been quite a twist.

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