Rain Is Wet…And Other Deep Thoughts

rain, philosophy, Friday Night Think Tank, humor, Modern PhilosopherIt’s a dark and stormy night at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers, so I thought I’d ramble on about rain in this edition of The Friday Night Think Tank.

It started to rain just as I was leaving for work today.  It was supposed to be a wet one, but the precipitation wasn’t predicted to begin until later in the morning.

Rain doesn’t bother me.  Years of testing has proven that it does not have the power to melt me.  I’ve also managed to survive this long without drowning in it.

Besides, I don’t really care if it’s raining when I’m stuck inside working all day.  It’s not like I could be outside working on my tan if not for the weather.

When my lunch break rolled around, however, the raindrops that kept falling on my head did come into play.

I always go for a walk on my break, and I’m usually joined by at least one of my coworkers.  My more dependable friend bailed on me, though, because water was falling from the sky.

I’m not going to mention her by name, since I’d probably spell it wrong and upset her, but she knows who she is.  And now she know why I’ll always get more steps than her!

Like I said earlier, I don’t mind the rain.  It calms me, it gets my creative juices flowing, and a little water is good for washing away the work day stress.

Of course, common sense should have prevailed and pointed out that if I got soaked, it’s not like I was at home with a change of clothes handy.  I’d just have to sit at my desk and finish out the day in the sopping wet outfit I was wearing.

Luckily, on my way out, I stopped in to say hello to another friend (the very pretty one to whom I’ve lent my other fitness tracker), and she insisted that I take her umbrella if I was going to be stupid enough to walk in the rain.

rain, philosophy, Friday Night Think Tank, humor, Modern PhilosopherDoesn’t she understand that I’m The Flash and I can run between the raindrops?

Sorry, that was last night’s post.  Plus, I’m supposed to keep my superhero identity a secret.

So many rules.  It boggles the mind at times.

I was quite fortunate that I had the pretty lady’s umbrella because it rained steadily for the entirety of my walk.  In fact, I think the storm clouds hung around longer than they intended just to mess with me.

But I returned to my desk as dry as my sense of humor.

Tonight, of course, was an entirely different story.

I could see the dark, foreboding storm clouds hovering over The House on the Hill and I heard the claps of thunder in the distance, but I was itching to get in a few thousand more steps before the Yankees game.

So I put on my windbreaker and Yankees hat and stepped out into the not so calm before what was sure to be a very violent storm.

As the official spokesperson for A Little Rain Will Never Hurt You, I was confident that I could zip around the block a few times without melting or being carried off to Oz where I’d be attacked by Flying Monkeys.

I figured if I never wandered too far from my home, I could return safely to the shelter of my porch before the big, bad raindrops fell on me.

Boy was I wrong.

rain, philosophy, Friday Night Think Tank, humor, Modern Philosopherrain, philosophy, Friday Night Think Tank, humor, Modern PhilosopherThose are a couple of shots of the ominous clouds I so brazenly paused to photograph while I was meandering around the neighborhood.

I was about a quarter mile from The House on the Hill when the skies opened and unleashed a deluge of Biblical proportions on my tiny town.

Despite my belief that rain could never hurt me, I forgot all about the superhero rules and unleashed my inner Flash.

I don’t think I’ve ever run so quickly as I zipped from Point Soaked to Point Shelter.

I was so drenched when I walked through the front door that I went straight to the basement and climbed into the dryer.  I set it on high and stayed in there for a good twenty minutes before I was dry enough to re-enter society.

Do I even need to tell you that the moment the rain stopped, I was right back out there again?  I didn’t think so.

I collected another two thousand steps and burned off all the food calories that didn’t melt away after twenty minutes of tumbling around in the dryer.

And the sky looked much nicer once the storm clouds hit the bricks.

rain, philosophy, Friday Night Think Tank, humor, Modern PhilosopherSo what about you, Modern Philosophers?  Do you let a little rain keep you from going about your business outside?  Have you ever miscalculated and gotten caught in a horrible storm?  If so, how long did you have to spend in the clothes dryer?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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12 Responses to Rain Is Wet…And Other Deep Thoughts

  1. Living in PNW (on the Canadian side), we’d never get anything done if we let rain keep us in. Although, that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily chomping at the bit to be out in it. Love the sky in the photo of the aftermath.

  2. ksbeth says:

    i love the rain

  3. grannyK says:

    I don’t mind the rain, but I don’t walk in it, either. Witches melt in the water, remember??

  4. daveyone1 says:

    Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Wow. That’s commitment.

  6. 20 minutes in the dryer, you’re lucky you didn’t lose one of your……?
    (I was going to say socks, really I was)

  7. rainywonderlandblog says:

    I love rain – but I prefer to stay out of it. haha

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