Last Day of Vacation Blues

summer vacation, back to work, life, humor, Modern PhilosopherI couldn’t get out of my pajamas this morning, Modern Philosophers.

And it wasn’t because I’d suddenly forgotten how to undress myself.  Today is the last day of my vacation, and I figured if I never changed out of my pjs, the day could never really get started, and, therefore, never end.

It’s difficult to argue with such logic.  Especially when I was tucked in under my warm, comfy covers on a chilly September morning.

This dreaded last day of summer vacation did get off to a nice start, though.  I was awakened by a text from a pretty lady informing me it was chilly outside, and I might need a snowsuit.

Even when half asleep, I’m still fully flirty, so I immediately replied that I would prefer it if she came to cuddle with me to keep me warm.

Yes, Modern Philosophers, even when suffering from a severe case of Last Day of Vacation Blues, I still know how to bring the charm.

Still waiting to see if she’ll take me up on my suggestion, but I am a man of renewed faith, so I’m sure it’s going to happen.

What’s all this crazy talk about renewed faith? We all know that you never go to church, and you hang out with The Devil every Sunday!

Something about this vacation changed me.  It’s like I had an epiphany, and now understand that life doesn’t need to be as stressful as it is.

There’s something about a daily routine of sleeping in, going for a long run, and then writing like a madman that will give a guy a whole new perspective.

summer vacation, back to work, life, humor, Mormons, Modern PhilosopherOf course, this renewed faith could also have something to do with my being stalked by an attractive Mormon missionary over my vacation.

If you haven’t already read that post about my exciting misadventure, you can check it out here: Flirting With (A Mormon) Disaster

If you could walk a mile in my shoes, you’d still be about eleven miles short of what I’ve been walking on average during my vacation.  I ran nine out of the ten days, and I have now lost 55 lbs since April 1.  When I wasn’t running, I was walking.  And dodging missionaries.

I’m not looking forward to being chained to a desk again after being so active.  I know some people think it’s weird that I’m walking all the time (Yes, my neighbors have commented on this on more than one occasion!), but maybe I think it’s strange that folks want to stay still.

Getting up and moving around is much more natural than staying planted in a chair for a majority of the day.  As I’m typing this post, I’m wandering through my neighborhood collecting steps.  One of the interns is walking backwards in front of my, carrying my laptop, so I can stay active while I write.

Don’t worry.  There’s a second intern walking in front of the first and acting as a guide.  Trust me, the last thing I want is for that kid to fall and damage my laptop.’m also going to miss being able to write whenever the voices in my head command it.  There are so many stories cluttering my head, and for the past ten days, I’ve worked diligently to get them down on paper.

It has been nice to actually have a little space inside my brain, but even that quickly gets taken up by new story ideas.

I’m most proud of the progress I’ve made on my newest screenplay.  This is the one I abandoned after finishing the first draft.

I was afraid this meant I had generated 125 pages of garbage, but I was pleasantly surprised when the interns read it aloud to me, acting out all the parts, to discover that it was pretty damn good.

Sure, the third act is very complicated and confusing, but I can fix that.  At this point, I’ve polished the first 75 pages to a point where they are shining and thrilling to read.

The last 40 pages or so are going to be a challenge, but now that I’ve got a better sense of my characters and the story, I am confident that I am going to come up with the perfect ending to this page turner.

Like I said earlier, I’m a man of renewed faith.

I hate that he keeps bringing this back to religion.  I subscribe to his blog for the laughs and the digs he takes at Trump.  Spare me the sermons! find it ironic, Modern Philosophers, that on Labor Day, I’m dreading going back to work.  However, the more I think about it, the more I see my return to the labor force as a new challenge for me to conquer.

How can I fit a 4o hour work week into a life that’s curently chock full of awesome?

I’ve already managed to find a place for my fitness routine, and that certainly isn’t going to change anytime soon.  Not when I’m just 20 lbs from my goal weight.

I will just work my magic to make sure writing remains a priority.  I’m going to fire off another email to my producer asking for the update he promised on my screenplays.  If we could get cameras rolling on just one of those projects, life would be very good.

I also can’t forget the pretty lady who sent me that text this morning.  I definitely need to find time for her because all work and no play makes Austin a very strange boy…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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6 Responses to Last Day of Vacation Blues

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  2. I can relate to sleeping in, going for a run, writing…..lucky I’m now retired and can follow that plan every day if I want to 😊 Good luck with returning to work.

  3. Oh sigh, the back to workblues. Hope you survive, I’m sure you will, sounds to me that you’re smashing it at the moment. 🙂

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