My Arctic Adventure

running, fitness, health, winter, humor, Modern PhilosopherDr Jekyll has often told me, Modern Philosophers, that the best way to conquer my Post Traumatic Snow Disorder, is to go on little adventures to change my routine and shake those winter blues.

Not only will the break from the norm help me from falling into my usual pattern of doom and gloom, but it’s also difficult for Snow Miser to keep track of me if I mix things up a little and leave my comfort zone.

Anything that screws with Snow Miser is worth trying in my book.

I decided to heed the good doctor’s advice and venture out from the safety of The House on the Hill to go on an arctic adventure.

I mean, why not learn to enjoy the frigid weather, rather than shake and shiver at the mere thought of it?

Plus, I thought it would be cool to see some reindeer, penguins, and maybe even Santa Claus himself.

I know it’s Santa’s busy time of year, but he wears a FitBit, too, and he’s told me that he makes sure to get up and go outside every hour to get those 250 steps.

Today was the day for my journey.

After all, there’s no time like the present.

Plus, life has been a bit of a drag lately, and I needed a bit of living on the edge to get the circulation flowing again.

running, fitness, health, winter, humor, Modern PhilosopherHanging out on a chunk of ice and rapping with a polar bear was exactly what I needed.

So I woke up well before dawn, bundled up, and went out to grab life by the snowballs.

Of course, what I really mean, is that I went for a run on a morning that the mercury could not inch past 14 degrees.

But psyching myself up by pretending I was going on an epic arctic adventure was how I tricked myself into getting my ass out from under the from covers, and out into the bitterly cold and unforgiving morning.

As I’ve said frequently, it is my intention to keep up my running program through the winter.  With that in mind, I had to go for a run when it was only 14 degrees.  The logic being that if I wimped out on November 28, how in the world was I going to convince myself to hit the road on January 28?

By January 28, Snow Miser will have totally found his groove, and Maine will be nothing more than his personal snow globe.

It was actually 15 degrees when I got out of bed.  Snow Miser was clearly up to mischief by making it even colder by the time I walked out the front door.

Don’t fret.  I hadn’t completely lost my senses.

running, fitness, health, winter, humor, Modern Philosopher I bundled up with an extra layer, and decided to go with an alternate running route, specifically designed for adverse weather conditions.

I’ve come up with a mile long loop around the neighborhood with The House on the Hill at the center.

This way, I’m never more than three blocks from home, and can dash back to its heated confines in mere minutes should the weather ever freak the @#$% out.

Three miles is three miles no matter the path I take.  I just wanted to get out and get done.

Truth be told, it wasn’t that bad.  The bitter wind that has been whipping through the state for the past week was absent, so once I got my blood flowing, I was fine.

Yes, Modern Philosophers, it is possible to work up a sweat when the temperature is eighteen degrees below freezing.

The run was very empowering.  I was proud of myself for not letting the weather intimidate me, and I felt like a bad ass for being outside on a morning when no one else dared to mess with the conditions.

I ran at a steady pace, covered 3.2 miles in no time, and was enjoying a hot shower even before the polar bears had awakened from their slumber.

running, fitness, health, winter, humor, Modern PhilosopherI had to laugh because when I got home from work tonight, I realized I was way more bundled up to face 32 degrees, than I had been this morning when the temperature was less than half that.

I guess there’s just something about running that makes me feel more invincible.

Or as my friends like to say, maybe I’m just crazy for running so much and in such horrible weather.

I don’t care what the reason is.  I just know that I went on an arctic adventure and lived to blog about it!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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9 Responses to My Arctic Adventure

  1. stomperdad says:

    I’ve always done my best running through the Canadian winter. Snow is an insulator so the world quiets down a bit with the fluffy stuff around. I find it so calming I don’t really care how fast or slow I run. I told my wife that I’m concidering going running before school. She laughed and told me there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to get up at 5 am to go running. She’s almost right, I think…

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks for a great posting.
    At 71 I am definitely no runner but could, in my own way, relate to your ‘Arctic Adventure’. For 14 years I lived in the wilderness of Northern Alaska and many winters had to go out at -20 or -30 and shovel snow in a blowing wind… now that may not be running but I was definitely exercising in the ‘cool’ Alaskan winter!

  3. floridaborne says:

    You’re well on your way to becoming an extra for “Vikings.”

    Makes me cold just reading about any weather under 70F. 🙂

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