Tom Brady Can’t Catch

Tom Brady, Patriots, Eagles, Super Bowl, humor, Modern PhilosopherTom Brady is many things, Modern Philosophers.

He is a five time Super Bowl champion.

He is the NFL’s reigning Most Valuable Player.

He is the holder of numerous Super Bowl records.

He is the husband of a supermodel.

What he is not, however, is a receiver, as evidenced yesterday in Super Bowl 52.

The Patriots ran a trick play, which left Brady all alone down the right sideline.  The ball was thrown to him, but St. Tom, Patron Saint of New England Football, could not come down with the catch.

To be fair, Brady is the quarterback.  His job is to throw passes, not to catch them.  He’s also getting up there in years, so running, raising his arms, and trying to pick up the ball with his ancient eyes, all at the same time, was probably just too much to ask of him.

But to make matters worse, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, proved to the world that not all signal callers have butter fingers.

Shortly before halftime, on fourth down no less, the Eagles ran a trick play of their own.  Foles was left all alone in the end zone, and when the pigskin was thrown to him, he caught it.

Nick Foles, Patriots, Eagles, Super Bowl, humor, Modern PhilosopherFor a touchdown.

Thereby becoming the first QB in Super Bowl history to catch a TD pass.

So there goes Brady’s excuse that no quarterbacks can catch.

We all know I am a Jets fan, so I’ll never have to worry about my team’s QB dropping a pass in the Super Bowl because the Jets will never play in the big game.

Because I love the Jets, I naturally hate the Pats.

So I was loving it when Tommy Boy showed off his butter fingers.

I loved it even more when St. Nick, Philly’s new version of Santa Claus, pulled down the touchdown catch to extend the Eagles’ lead.

And make Brady look even worse.

I immediately shot off a text to my good friend Kori, aka “Killer”, who is a diehard Patriots fan.  It read something like: So Philly’s QB knows how to catch, but your boy doesn’t?

Sure it was obnoxious, especially when my team didn’t even make the playoffs, but she would have been disappointed if I’d let the moment pass without a comment.

I expected a barrage of curses to be hurled back in my general direction by my beautiful, ex-cheerleader, grade school teacher friend, but all she could muster was: Yea, yea, yea.

Tom Brady, Patriots, Eagles, Super Bowl, humor, Modern PhilosopherI felt her pain, Modern Philosophers.

It’s how I would’ve felt had one of my beloved Yankees done something embarrassing in the World Series.

She probably felt worse than Tom Brady did, but then again, she didn’t let down millions of fan and screw up in front of millions of viewers on live television.

But nobody’s perfect.  We all make mistakes at the worst moments.

I’m sure Tom Brady will get over it, though, with the help of his gorgeous wife, adoring family, huge bank account, and five Super Bowl rings.

And maybe in his down time, he can learn how to catch…

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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15 Responses to Tom Brady Can’t Catch

  1. Sofia Leo says:

    Ya know, I’m not generally a pointy-ball fan, but I watched this game and could not believe the commentators – it was a total Brady Love Fest. They weren’t even talking about Foles or his abilities. At all. It was a big ol’circle jerk around St. Tom and how he was going to have his sixth ring and break all kinds of records and blah, blah, blah. Oh, AND he was going to do it all while being old and injured.

    As the game progressed, they doubled down on their worship of Ol’ Tom. Poor Foles got nary a “good boy!” for any of his touchdown plays or spectacular throws.

    It was a total shock to them when that no-name, second string QB (who led the scoreboard for almost the entire game) knocked St. Tom on his ass and I’ll admit I actually hooted out loud and said some less than lady-like things about the commentators and their misguided hero worship.

    Maybe I’ll watch more football in future 🙂

  2. holley4734 says:

    He is also too handsome. It’s too much. 😉

  3. stomperdad says:

    I loved the irony of that play. I hear they’re changing Philadelphia to Foledelphia. (Jimmy Falon’s joke, not mine)

  4. markbialczak says:

    It was a good day for us Jets fans, Austin, which of course is sad when examined in the big picture. I’m glad it was an exciting Super Bowl, well-played by both squads. And I’m very happy for the Eagles fans, who’d never had the title before this. At least we’d had the Joe Willie Namath upset in 1969 on the resume.

  5. Susan Nairn says:

    It was a great game, but you have just mentioned my two favorite moments of the Superbowl. 😀

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