Spring Ain’t Sprung

Spring, Maine, humor, Modern PhilosopherI had the day off, Modern Philosophers, and I planned to spend this first Thursday of Spring out on the front porch, where I’d do some writing and work on my tan.

You see, I turn a shade of white comparable to the color of the forty feet of snow that falls on Maine every Winter, and being paler than a ghost does not help me find a date.

But the changing of the seasons doesn’t stick to a very strict schedule here, and I wound up kicking off my day with a five mile run in a driving snowstorm.

It wasn’t even snowing when I left The House on the Hill.

Five miles later, though, Snow Miser had the white stuff beating down on us in full fury.

It didn’t surprise me that it was snowing on March 22.  To be honest, I was relieved that it was only going to be a few inches, rather than our third bad ass blizzard in as many weeks.

But relief is not the same as acceptance.  I was not happy that Snow Miser needed to show off his icy white supremacy one more time before he fled to the other half of the planet to harass them for a few months.

I made the most of it, though.  I’d planned to run five miles, and I stuck to it.  Even as the snow pelted me and the wind blew in my face regardless of what direction I was moving.

I’d survived the entire Winter and stuck to my five days a week running schedule, so one last storm wasn’t going to make my internal snowman any frostier.

Clearly, I would not be able to spend the day writing on the porch and turning an attractive shade of tan, but there were other things I wanted to do.

Spring, Maine, humor, Modern PhilosopherAnd I was going to do them regardless of the Winter Wonderland that had invaded my mini Spring Break.

I have been craving Chinese food for a very long time, but I’ve fought off the temptation in the name of my healthier lifestyle.

After this morning’s run, however, the scale revealed that my weight was at the lowest it’s been since I started all this running.

So General Tso and I were going to meet for a lunch conference to celebrate my progress.

Of course, that meant voluntarily driving in the snow when I could just stay home and avoid an activity that once paralyzed me with fear.

The new me, aka Austin with a RAV4, had no problem driving through the mess to pick up a special lunch.  I even made the most of the trip and did my grocery shopping for the week, thereby crossing that off my To Do List for tomorrow night after work.

For those of you who were wondering, yes, it is a pain in the @$$ to push a shopping cart through several inches of snow in a grocery store parking lot.

But again, I did not let this very un-Springy activity take away from the joy of having a much needed day off.

General Tso outdid himself again.  His chicken, which I enjoyed while watching one of my DVR shows, totally hit the spot.

Spring, Maine, humor, Modern PhilosopherAfter lunch, I shoveled the driveway.  Over 3,000 steps later, I hoped to have cleared the snow from that parcel of land for the last time until late October/early November.

Because even though I’m being totally cool about this, it’s @#$%^&* Spring, and I’m tired of all this @#$%^&* snow!!!

That was how I spent my mini Spring Break.  The next time I have a day off, there had better be sunshine, shorts, and much warmer temperatures involved.

Or else there’s going to be trouble…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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5 Responses to Spring Ain’t Sprung

  1. Impressive run in the nasty weather (I say from sunny SW Fla 🙂 Hope it warms up for you soon

  2. Kenneth T. says:

    We experienced several inches of snow here in coastal Georgia just two months ago and while it wasn’t winter… it was also frickin Georgia. We aren’t supposed to get that kind of wintery wonder, not here. All said and done, I expect nothing less from Maine, yes, even on a spring day. I lived in New Hampshire for over 20 years so I know snow, you can’t trust it.

  3. markbialczak says:

    Good stick-to-it-iveness, Austin. Spring, soon. Knock on wood. May Syracuse have one more upset in its back of tricks for Duke tonight, by the way …

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