Be A Jim, Not A Michael

Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, The Office, humor, Modern PhilosopherThe universe is always trying to teach us, Modern Philosophers.

We just have to keep our minds open to the lessons it is sending our way.

New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to sit back and reflect on life.  We can do a quick review of the year, and then lay out a game plan for how we want to attack the year ahead.

It’s also a great time to catch up on classic TV if you happen to be on vacation.

And if you’re open minded enough, you just might find the lesson that the universe has taken the time to direct at you.

In my case, enlightenment came in the form of The Office.  This was one of my favorite shows during its run, but I hadn’t watch it in a long time.  Comedy Central ran a marathon of Christmas episodes on Christmas Eve, so I took the time to reacquaint myself with the folks from Dunder Mifflin.

There was another marathon yesterday, so I recorded a bunch of episodes to watch once the football games were done.

And that was when my education began.

Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, The Office, humor, Modern PhilosopherIt was the episode from the first season where Michael allows Amy Adams to sell handbags in the office, when it finally clicked for me.

I am so much like Michael Scott when it comes to interacting with members of the opposite sex.

Michael is ridiculously awkward, never seems to say the right thing, can never play it cool, always falls for someone way too quickly, and doesn’t have that killer instinct needed to close a deal and win her heart.

In other words, Michael and I are totally clueless when it comes to women and dating.  Sweet, romantic, and well intentioned, but completely clueless.

I sat here, watching the episode, and wondering if the rest of the world saw me as a Michael Scott, too.  I mean, it was pretty hard to miss.

Although, I must say that Michael puts himself out there a lot more than I do.  He might have no idea how to approach the opposite sex, but he doesn’t let that stop him.

Jim Halpert is Michael’s polar opposite.  Jim is brimming with self-confidence, always has the right, witty line to break the ice, and comes across in such a low key manner that his whole “I don’t really care if you want to go out with me” demeanor totally makes the ladies want him more.

Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, The Office, humor, Modern PhilosopherIn that very same episode, Jim lets Michael and Dwight act like buffoons towards Amy Adams, and then he swoops in for the kill.  He hits her with the line (and I might be a little off here, but I’m close…) “Tell me all about your bags.  Don’t try to sell me one, though. I’m just here to learn.”

So cocky and confident.  So typical Jim.  Makes her laugh and feel at ease.

And Amy Adams leaves with Jim in the end.  How could she not?

While Michael chases after every attractive woman that crosses his path, Jim doesn’t come across at all like a player.

Of course, we realize that Jim is playing the long game, with his heart set on Pam.  Even though Pam is engaged, Jim’s heart wants what it wants.

And it’s pretty obvious that Pam wants Jim, too.  She’s just torn, and unsure if she should follow her heart.

But Jim totally plays it cool.  He doesn’t get all Michael about it and pursue Pam in an awkward, inappropriate way.

He just trusts the Fates to bring them together when the moment is right.

Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, The Office, humor, Modern PhilosopherNow some might say that it was wrong of Jim to fall for someone who was taken, but we all know that love is not only blind, but also makes us do stupid things.

Yes, I might have a history of falling for Pams.  And sometimes, the Pams fell for me, too, but in the end, it didn’t work out.

Perhaps if I had been more of a Jim back then, my Pam never would have gone back to her Roy.  Looking back at it, I might’ve been a Jim at first, but then reverted back to my inner Michael, which was why my Pam went back to Roy.

But that’s all water under the bridge, and not a part of the lesson that the universe is trying to teach me at the moment via reruns of The Office.

What I learned is that I need to be a Jim, and not a Michael, if I ever hope to get out of this relationship rut.  I have to be more confident, less desperate, more laid back, and less hyper annoying.

Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, The Office, humor, The Office, Modern PhilosopherI still have several more episodes to watch, and I’m really taking this lesson seriously.

I intend to get right back at it as soon as the jello sets around this stapler.  Obviously, I can’t be a true Jim until I master the art of encasing office equipment in jello.

What television character or show has taught you the most about relationships?  Did you realize that The Office had so much more to teach us than how to sell paper and survive life at work?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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10 Responses to Be A Jim, Not A Michael

  1. markbialczak says:

    Be a confident Austin is my two cents for the start of 2019. Happy New Year, my friend.

  2. AAristizabal says:

    While being a Jim might get you quantity and fun, I believe being a Michael will give you quality; because the woman who choses to stay with someone as Michael really knows what is best. Cheer up!

  3. If we asked a script writer, I expect we’d have it explained to us that you have to change the story arc to change the outcome. Now, with a few seasons having already established the characters, it can’t happen all at once, but there have to be concrete changes each episode to redirect where you are at the finale.

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