Do Not Propose On Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day, marriage proposal, love, humor, Modern PhilosopherI might not have any plans for Valentine’s Day, Modern Philosophers, but if I did have a special someone, I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty what I would not be doing…

Asking her to marry me.

I think that proposing on Valentine’s Day is cheesy and ridiculously cliche.  Whenever I see or hear of anyone popping the question on February 14th, one thing immediately pops into my head…

You couldn’t think of a present, so you just proposed?

It’s true.  That’s honestly the first thing that pops into my head.

For the record, I think the same thing about Christmas proposals.  Asking for a hand in marriage should not take the place of a proper present.  I’m sorry, but that’s just what I think, and I know that I’m right.

I was watching The Resident last night, and it ended with a Valentine’s Day proposal.  I really like that show, but now I question the writers’ creativity.

A marriage proposal should be unique and memorable.  It’s a story you’re going to be telling for the rest of your life, so you really don’t want it to begin with, “It was Valentine’s Day…” and then watch as everyone listening does an eye roll.

Valentine's Day, marriage proposal, love, humor, Modern PhilosopherValentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated by millions.  Possibly billions.  Why would you want to share your special day with so many other people?

There are so many other days on the calendar from which you can choose.

Maybe it’s the writer in me, or the hopeless romantic, but I believe marriage proposals need to be stand alone tales.

They should not be linked to a larger story like a holiday.  Especially when that holiday is as commercial and corny as Valentine’s Day.

You really want to get down on one knee and propose eternal love on a holiday?  Well, maybe you’re lame and boring and that should be a red flag to the person who suddenly needs to answer a life changing question.

If someone even tried to bring up marriage on Valentine’s Day, I would shove a heart shaped chocolate in her mouth, and tell her to revisit the topic in at least a week.

After all, President’s Day is just around the corner and you don’t want to be dealing with engagement rings on that holiday.  Politics and romance don’t always mix well.

There are so many other things you can do to make Valentine’s Day special.  Buy your loved one all the chocolate you can find.  Who doesn’t love expensive roses in the middle of winter?  How about a fancy dinner?  A romantic getaway?

If you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone, prove that you are worthy of that companionship by going that extra mile when you ask to get hitched.

Pulling out a ring on Cupid’s special day shows a lack of effort.

Valentine's Day, marriage proposal, love, humor, Modern PhilosopherYou can definitely do better than an ultra cliche Valentine’s Day proposal.  Now go get some candy and flowers, and put the ring box back in your underwear drawer until you’ve given this whole “Will you marry me?” thing much more thought.

You’ll both be thankful that you did…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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10 Responses to Do Not Propose On Valentine’s Day!

  1. markbialczak says:

    And I think we have a refusal coming up on ‘The Resident,’ Austin.

  2. AAristizabal says:

    Cannot agree more! Proposals should take place in the dullest of days; so that it can be a special story for that day and that day only…

  3. Nykole says:

    In my failed engagement, the guy proposed on Christmas. I’ve told my recent partner that if he proposes on a holiday I will say no. It’s terribly cliche and unoriginal and I’m not here for that.

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