Parks and Recreation Is Now My Favorite Show

Parks and Recreation, television, humor, Modern PhilosopherI’ve made an executive decision, Modern Philosophers.  Parks and Recreation is now my all-time favorite TV show.

It kind of surprised me, too, because while I remembered liking the show, I didn’t realize exactly how much I enjoyed it.

Luckily, I’ve been able to rewatch the entire run of the show thanks to cable TV.

Both Comedy Central and FX have been airing daily blocks of the adventures of our friends from Pawnee, Indiana, so I’ve been recording it and then binge watching.

Actually, I have four episodes to go, but those don’t air until tomorrow.

And finding the seventh and final season has been a struggle.  For some reason, both stations went back to airing the Pilot after the final episode of season six.  I’ve been scrolling through the cable guide on a daily basis in search of the elusive season seven.

I even sent an angry email to FX demanding to know why they were trying to deprive me of my last thirteen chances to hang out with Leslie Knope and her gang.

I think I let out a whoop when I discovered that Comedy Central was airing season seven this weekend.

The Office, Parks and Recreation, television, humor, Modern PhilosopherI had gone into withdrawals, and turned back to my previous all time fave, The Office, to fill the void.

In doing so, I was reminded how The Office totally went downhill once Michael Scott left Dunder Mifflin to move to Colorado.

Those last few seasons are watchable, but not nearly as classic as the Michael years.

Parks and Rec did the exact opposite.  The first season was difficult to watch.  Leslie was too much of a goof.  She was a female version of Michael Scott, but not in a good way.

They definitely righted the ship in season two.  Leslie changed.  For the better.  It also helped to get Ron out of those suits, which just look ridiculous on him now.

Parks and Rec really hit its stride, though, when they got rid of Mark, and brought in Ben and Chris.  That was when the show really clicked, and it seemed like the writers knew exactly where they wanted to take the characters.

Unlike The Office, which got weaker as they added more characters, Parks and Rec evolved into a well oiled comedy machine.

Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation, television, humor, Modern PhilosopherOf course, making Leslie competent, confident, and driven was the decision that saved the show.

Who doesn’t wish they had a boss like Leslie Knope?  She would do anything for her coworkers, and she found a way to turn the most mundane tasks into something fun.

Another very important reason why I love Parks and Rec is because I always want to write after I’ve watched it.

The show is just that good.  The writing that inspiring.  The characters that well drawn.

I’m constantly reaching for my laptop after time spent in Pawneee, to type up new ideas for my TV series.  The notes are usually about giving my characters more depth, or that there is humor to be found in the most boring parts of daily life.

Seinfeld, Parks and Recreation, television, humor, Modern PhilosopherSeinfeld is another show that once topped my list.  I definitely still think it is the best written comedy of all time, but I wasn’t always in love with the characters.

They could be jerks at times, and I wasn’t always rooting for them.

Of course, I used to live in New York, and that was part of Seinfeld’s appeal for me.  I got the humor.  I could relate to the attitudes.  I knew people similar to the characters.

Now I live a more simple life, and my tastes have changed.

I’d move to Pawnee in a heartbeat, and apply for a job in the Parks and Recreation Department as soon as I was settled.

I can’t wait to watch the last four episodes tomorrow, but at the same time, I’m sad that the show will be coming to an end once again.

In this age of reboots, can’t they bring back Leslie and the gang?

I’d certainly like to spend more time with them.

Parks and Recreation, television, humor, Modern PhilosopherOur country needs more government employees who are that devoted to their jobs and the people they serve.

Leslie Knope would never put up a wall.  In fact, she tore down the one that separated Pawnee and Eagleton.

Sure, it released a swarm of bees that attacked the citizens, but her heart was in the right place.  And that’s why Parks and Recreation is now the number one show in my heart.

What’s your all time favorite TV show?  Do any TV shows inspire you to write?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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16 Responses to Parks and Recreation Is Now My Favorite Show

  1. ksbeth says:

    that is one of my favs, too. i also loved the old office, and arrested development.

  2. Such a great show! Amazon Prime Canada has all the seasons! I remember our first watch through, we didn’t realize there was another season. Then one day, it appeared in the new arrivals section. We canceled out plans for the night.

  3. lydiaschoch says:

    Oh, I love Parks and Rec. I’ve been taking a break from it to catch up on other shows, but I think I stopped in season 3? It’s just kept getting better and better so far. You’ve reminded me that I really need to get back to it. 🙂

  4. markbialczak says:

    All three you mention are on my list as well, Austin. Similar tastes, me going Big Apple to Syracuse …

  5. Kara Post-Kennedy says:

    You are on the same wavelength as my kid–he binge watches the show and complains about how bad the first season is. Today driving him to school I was ranting on about something or other and he says to me–“Mom, you ARE Leslie Knope, if Leslie Knope was a real person.” I took it as a compliment.

    • Austin says:

      I think they were trying too hard to make it a spin off of The Office, hence Leslie’s being a female version of Michael. They ended up turning her into a strong, hilarious female role model!

  6. I’ll confess to giving up on this show after just a few episodes. maybe I’ll go back and give it another chance

    • Austin says:

      Go back, Jeremy. Trust me. Season 1 is rough. Season 2 is okay. The show really hits its stride in Season 3. Maybe even start there is you want. Let me know if you like it!

  7. The Hook says:

    I’ve never watched Parks and Rec, but Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rundolph were awesome together at the Oscars, and Poehler and Nick Offerman were fantastic on that crafting show they recently hosted.

  8. Megan says:


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