On The Waterfront

running, health, fitness, Maine, Modern PhilosopherI decided to change things up a little on my morning run, Modern Philosophers.

After all, I’d just made a major change to how I spend my work day, so why not keep the ball rolling, and try change one more time?  What could possibly go wrong???

I have my set running route.  That route then has a number of options that I can choose when I want to alter the length, change up my view, do more hill work, etc.  Bottom line, though, it’s one route with multiple variables.

Today, I felt like something completely different.

It was a warm morning, and my usual route is a lot of open road with no shelter from the sun.  I can see the Penobscot River from The House on the Hill, but because of my fear of water (actually a fear of drowning), I tend to run away from the massive body of water, and head for higher ground.

Recently, my town expanded the walkway along the waterfront.  I’ve only been down there once since it re-opened, and I keep saying I want to walk it some night so I can get a true reading of its length on my FitBit.

Well, there’s no time like the present, right?  Besides, the waterfront was already on my mind this morning, and not for anything good.

running, health, fitness, Maine, Modern PhilosopherBlink-182 performed at the Waterfront Concerts venue on the other side of the river last night.  Despite their claim to be across the water in Bangor, it sure sounded like Blink-182 was on my front lawn.

I could hear the entire concert loud and clear, to the point that I was singing along with most of the songs.  I kept thinking someone was going to show up at my door and demand to see my ticket, or make me pay for the price of admission.

Needless to say, I did not manage to fall asleep until the concert ended sometime after 11.

I felt it only fair to give the waterfront an opportunity to redeem itself.  So, instead of going left out of my driveway this morning, I went right.

Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

As you can tell from the photos, the waterfront path is beautiful.  The view is amazing.  The breeze coming off the river is refreshing.  The other people on the path are friendly.  Most importantly, though, the dogs out for morning walks are adorable!

I made my way along the river, waving at dogs, and saying good morning to every person I passed along the way.  Maine is a lot different from New York in that regard.  Saying hello to a stranger is not seen as an instigation for gun play.

running, health, fitness, Maine, Modern PhilosopherIt turns out that the path is six-tenths of a mile, or 1.2 miles for a round trip (for those of you who prefer not to have to do Math when reading a blog post!).

I did two full circuits, walked one length to take photos, and then ran back to the starting point.

It’s also four-tenths of a mile from The House on the Hill to the waterfront, so now I know how many laps I need to do in order to get in my workout for the day.  That number, of course, is going to vary depending on my mood, the day of the week, the weather, etc.

Bottom line, though, is that I will be back.  In fact, I’m going to make the waterfront my official second running route.

The path is pretty flat except at both ends, where there is an uphill climb back to the main street.  So I see this as an option on days when I want to work on speed, rather than on hill training.  It’s also a great option for days when I want to take it easy, or need the cool breeze off the river to fight the heat.

running, health, fitness, Maine, Modern PhilosopherI’m glad I made the change.

There were several other runners along the route, so it could be a good opportunity to make new friends, or hook up with a running group.

I haven’t seen many fellow runners on my usual route lately, so I’d forgotten how nice it is to get a smile and a kind word from someone else along the way.

Another great feature of the waterfront is all the benches.  There’s nowhere to sit on my regular route, and sometimes, a guy needs to stop and think.

It was a great morning on the waterfront.  Hope you’re having an awesome day, too!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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12 Responses to On The Waterfront

  1. Absolutely delightful. I’d run (well, walk) every early morning if I had a view and path like that. But today, my guy and I drove into Boston (not a bad drive) and walked the city for over two hours early in the morning, including along the Charles River and of course into a café or two. My favorite stop? At the place that sells iced chocolate drinks. Hey, I deserved it. Happy Day to you.

  2. markbialczak says:

    That looks like a fantastic addition to the running routes, Austin!

  3. lydiaschoch says:

    I agree with Mark. You picked a nice spot!

  4. AAristizabal says:

    Great change! And delightful views! Great you enjoyed your different run!

  5. Adifferentkindofsober says:

    I’m a creature of habit. Disruptions to my routines have the tendency to cause me anxiety…BUT – running has helped me challenge that a little bit. Finding new routes helps to breathe a little life and energy into this old lady’s runs. Glad you fund a new one too. 🙂

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