Live Every Day Like It’s Friday

humor, advice, life, Modern PhilosopherI recently heard someone say “Live every day like it’s your last”, Modern Philosophers, and I wondered what the hell was wrong with that person.

The individual was on some news show, talking about the Coronavirus, and I think they meant it like a pep talk.  Something along the lines of “Life is short, so you’d better live it now before you die of this damn virus that is freaking out the entire world”.

I didn’t get it, though.  That saying is stupid.

Why would you want to approach life like it’s the day of your death?  Wouldn’t you be a bit distracted on that day?  Maybe you’d be gravely ill, confined to a hospital bed, just waiting for the Angel of Death to come for you.

Any day that ends in death can’t be a good one, so why would you want to adopt a philosophy that focuses on living like you’re about to die?

If I were about to die, I’d be freaking the $%^& out.  I’d probably be trying to figure out a way to buy myself more time, plotting to escape from the situation that was about to kill me, pleading with whatever higher being was willing to listen, or looking to make a deal with the Devil.

humor, advice, life, Modern PhilosopherNone of those sound like relaxing, enjoyable options for spending my day.

With my luck, I’d die on a Monday, so I’d already be stressed out.

Now if you could assure me I’d die peacefully in my sleep, then maybe I would live every day like it’s my last.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a good night’s sleep?

If I were going to advise folks on how to live their lives (not that I’d ever do that because what business is it of mine?), I’d tell them to live every day like it’s Friday.

Friday is awesome.  It’s the end of the work week, which means the weekend is so close you can practically touch it.

Friday is dress down day, and who doesn’t prefer to take on the world and/or life in jeans and sneakers?

Friday is grocery day, which means I can stock up on whatever I feel like eating, especially the yummy treats that give me the energy boost to survive the more stressful days of the week.  I also hit up the chicken wing bar for Friday night dinner, so it’s always the best day of the week for eating.

Friday is my night to just relax and unwind from the week.  That’s the approach I want for tackling life.  No stress.  Eat what I want.  Know that the next couple of days are going to be more of the same, if not even better.

humor, advice, life, Modern PhilosopherSo maybe the next time these news shows need someone to come on and talk to the world about how to handle the next big pandemic, they should reach out to me.

I’d be happy to do it.

After all, I’m wise like Yoda, but I also speak eloquently while putting my words in the proper order.

No one should live like they’re about to die.  They need to put on their favorite jeans, fix a plate of chicken wings, and then find a quiet place to eat while they think about all the fun they’re going to have over the weekend.

Just make sure to wash your hands, though, or your last day might come much sooner than you thought…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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1 Response to Live Every Day Like It’s Friday

  1. markbialczak says:

    Fridays are pretty darn good indeed, Austin.

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