Is It Darwinism Or The Culling Of Trump’s Voter Base?

Charles Darwin, survival of the fittest, politics, Modern PhilosopherI’m rarely at a loss for words, Modern Philosophers.  It’s a condition that does not bode well for a writer, so when it happens, I take the time to stop and study the situation that caused it.  That only seems logical.

Are there really people protesting the stay at home orders that are meant to protect us from the spread of the Coronavirus?

Did President Trump actually seem to encourage these protests with tweets about liberating certain states?

Did Florida re-open some of its beaches in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, then I don’t even know what to say because logic seems to no longer apply.

I understand that these are challenging, frightening, stressful times.  I get how people would feel like they are being locked up against their will.  I definitely comprehend the stress brought about by being out of work.  And I fathom the depths of panic brought about by feeling absolutely powerless to do anything against an unseen killer that might be coming for me or my loved ones next.

But I also understand why governors have issued stay at home orders, why we need to shelter in place, and why businesses have to close and put us out of work.

social distancing, protests, COVID 19, Modern PhilosopherThere is a pandemic sweeping the globe.

More than two million people have been infected by COVID-19.

Over one hundred sixty thousand people have died.

There is no vaccine for this virus.

There is no medication yet approved to fight it.

The only way we know to successfully combat this killer is by sheltering in place.  If we stay home, if we practice social distancing, if we make some sacrifices, then we are doing what we can to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

What about that is so difficult to understand?

Do you think your governor wants to put people out of work, cripple the local economy, and keep constituents away from their loved ones?

social distancing, protests, COVID 19, Modern PhilosopherSo why are people defying the stay at home order to gather en masse to protest?  Are they against saving lives?  Are they for spreading the virus?  Have they failed to grasp the concept of social distancing? And why in the world are they armed?  Do they plan to shoot the virus?

Do these people not understand what’s going on in the world?  Do they honestly think that the virus that has killed so many people is a hoax?  Or do they just blindly follow the lead of someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and encourages the madness?

Is it a coincidence that they seem to be Trump supporters?

Darwin had  theory on the survival of the fittest, and it looks like it is definitely in place here.  Darwin said “the ones most responsive to change” will survive.

These folks, who are putting themselves in danger of exposure to the virus by gathering in large groups while not wearing masks, would not fall under the heading of adapting well to change.  Darwin would probably not give them a high chance of survival.

The really frustrating thing, though, is that these protestors aren’t only putting themselves in danger.  They are also endangering the health and welfare of anyone they come into contact with once they disperse.  Poor, innocent people, who want nothing to do with their fight will become victims of their actions.  Healthcare workers will be put at risk when they have to take care of the protestors and the victims of their second hand stupidity.

social distancing, protests, COVID 19, Modern PhilosopherAgain, I understand the urge to get out of the house, get life back to as close to normal as possible, and to once again have a steady paycheck.

I have made no secret of how I’m going stir crazy sitting in the house.  How annoyed I am when I try to run.  The anxiety I face from being out of work.

I live in a state where thirty-four people have died because of COVID-19.  That’s thirty-four people too many, but it is by no means a huge number.  It would be easy for me to make the argument that I shouldn’t have to be out of work and confined to my home, when only thirty-four people have died in my state, and none have died in my county.

But I do not.  The thought hasn’t crossed my mind.  I’m sure as hell not going to organize a mass rally, grab a gun, and march on the governor’s residence demanding that the stay at home order be lifted.

That would put other people at risk.  If a thirty-fifth person died in Maine as a direct result of my putting my personal wants and needs ahead of what was best for Mainers as a whole, then I’d never be able to live with that guilt.

I hate being cooped up all day and not being able to work, but I do it because I understand that this is what needs to be done to fight the pandemic and keep everyone safe.

I’ve already done it for this long, what’s another couple of weeks going to hurt?

This isn’t just about me.  It’s about the entire planet.  It’s about trusting that the people in charge, even if I didn’t vote for them, are doing what’s right for mankind.

And speaking of voting, does President Trump realize that his supporters are the ones out there marching in protest?  If they get infected and die because they defied the stay at home order, they’re not going to be able to vote for him in November.

social distancing, protests, COVID 19, Modern PhilosopherWhen I look at pictures of large groups of people clustered on the beach in Florida, I can’t help but think of the movie Jaws.

The Mayor in that flick was hellbent on liberating the beaches, and he got his wish.

But as I tweeted last night, at least when they re-opened the beaches in Jaws, Chief Brody had a plan to keep the residents safe.  It seems like the only plan in Florida is to go against the plan that was devised to keep the residents safe.

If Charles Darwin were still alive to witness this, I know exactly what he’d say: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”.

What do you think about these protests and the decision to re-open the beach in Florida?

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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15 Responses to Is It Darwinism Or The Culling Of Trump’s Voter Base?

  1. As a Floridian I am stunned and dismayed at the blatant disregard for life and the thumbing on ones nose at the protocol laid out by our experts, scientists, epidemiologists, etc. I am angered at the mismanagement by our Federal Government under the supposed leadership of a man with no background in most anything other than lying, misleading, bullying, bankruptcy, and litigation. The sheeples are at the beach today, they are protesting safe guards against this killer virus with the encouragement of our “president” despite his own recommendations. WE must vote Trump out of office in November, the US and the world cannot withstand four more years.

  2. beth says:

    it’s all insanity

  3. Totsymae says:

    Liberate is a code word to fuel hate and rebellion that has equated itself to the Civil Rights Movement and the Holocaust. If they want to go out, go on. It’s a risk they should take without those who don’t want the virus. It incites the agenda 45 ran on. He even said their 2nd Amendment Rights were being threatened. This is why they are armed. The spirit of Caesar has captivated an audience that feels threatened by people who don’t look like them. To acknowledge it or not, this is extremism.

  4. Bill Hayes says:

    Floridians wouldn’t be seen dead without a decent tan.

  5. Dianne says:

    They will see in the next week or so!! And that travisty that is sitting the white house will again lie and say that he had nothing to do with it..!! But might be burning in hell right along with his so stupid and dumbass clan…!!! I’ve never seen anything lime it where these people can’t even think for themselves and the sad part is that some of them even had their lil kids out there too. For the kids I pray!!

  6. markbialczak says:

    The divide of our people has been vital to Trump’s plan since the start of his campaign, Austin, and as his term extends, the chasm widens and the country weakens.

  7. Sadly, Trumps minions don’t have a clue. The press needs to show the real number of deaths in relation to the World. In particular, China and Russia have the least amount of deaths, where as the USA is number one in deaths. Not in the thousands, but 10s of thousands. As of today, how is it that small countries and even Russia has had 405 deaths vs USA at todays total of 41,397? The expert doctors we see on the news are not discussing what the doctors in the trenches are learning. These working doctors believe and think it is very possible to engineer/mutate a virus such as Coronavirus. Unfortunately, because of Trump and his followers ignorance, we won’t know the truth until it’s too late. Here’s a website I’ve been tracking since February:

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