Can We Drown In A River Of Compromise?

life, compromise, humor, Modern PhilosopherI went for a run along the river this morning, Modern Philosophers, even though I really didn’t want to do so.

This is nothing new.  Running isn’t one of my favorite activities, but I always convince myself I’m better off when I’m healthy.

Essentially, I force myself to compromise.  I might even be the king of compromise, but I’d rather not draw any comparisons between myself and the Royal Family right now.

This morning, it was cold and powerful winds rattled the windows.  I was warm and content under the covers, so it made sense to not want to leave the comfort of my bedroom to face a winter morning in Maine.

But I did.  Just like I always do.

I reminded myself that this was the first week in about a month that I’d not only stuck to my five day running schedule, but had also added weightlifting.

I wasn’t going to blow that progress because of a little wind and a whole lot of lazy.

life, compromise, humor, Modern PhilosopherSo I compromised, and told myself I could just do a short run because something is always better than nothing.

While I was running, I realized that I compromise a lot.  What can I say?  I have a lot of free time to think while I run.

I compromise every day when I go to work, instead of staying home to write and watch the Yankees.  I compromise by dealing with people, when I’d really rather just be left alone to live as an introvert.

Everything is a compromise, right?  How many of us really spend the day doing exactly what we want?

I’m smart enough to understand that if I don’t go to work, I don’t get a paycheck and health insurance.  Those are definitely things I need to keep a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and a pandemic out of my system.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve compromised too much, though.  And maybe it’s not compromise at all, but really a surrender.

life, compromise, humor, Modern PhilosopherAgain, I blame all these Deep Thoughts on my run and the river.  As you can see from the photos that accompany this post, the river found a way to compromise.

Part of the river was frozen, despite temperatures in the 50s yesterday.

The rest of the river, however, had thawed.  The water was as blue as it’s ever been, and it looked good enough to jump in and go for a swim.

Not that I’d ever do that, of course, because I’m a horrible swimmer.

It got me to thinking that if the river can compromise and be both solid and liquid, maybe it’s not so bad to be constantly compromising myself.

But why would I, a person who fears water, ever let that substance sway my personal philosophy?  What the hell was wrong with me?  Maybe I should have just stayed in bed and spared myself his philosophical dilemma.

Compromise is important.  If we can’t find a common ground on some things, we’ll end up in a stalemate.  Look at what’s going on with our government right now.  The Republicans refused to support the Coronavirus Relief Package even though it meant giving much needed money and services to their constituents.  That was just ridiculous.

life, compromise, humor, Modern PhilosopherBut sometimes it’s wrong to compromise.

I’m tired of being single, but I know this is an area where I shouldn’t settle.  The Retirement Party, a  movie made from my screenplay, is about a guy who retired from dating when he couldn’t be with the love of his life.

That thinly veiled version of me refused to compromise when it came to love, and I feel like the cinematic version of me continues to whisper in my ear to never settle.

So I guess I’ll continue to compromise where it makes sense, but not when it pertains to matters of the heart.

That seems like a winning compromise, don’t you agree?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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9 Responses to Can We Drown In A River Of Compromise?

  1. bwcarey says:

    very few attempt to climb Everest, but they succeed, i don’t think you compromise, i think it’s called survival, that gene overrides the heart most times, it;s why Jesus died on the cross,amen

  2. beth says:

    i think life is a million little internal negotiations, each and every day. not sure it they’re compromises, or just deciding what works for you at that moment in time. good post!

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  4. markbialczak says:

    It’s not so much compromising in my book, Austin, as it is adapting to make the best of the current conditions life is handing out.

  5. Nobody’s perfect. However, your values and beliefs are extremely important. Once we learn this, we learn that compromising is one of the only ways to find true love.

  6. It’s in our DNA to compromise.

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