The Enchanting Serenade of Uncontrolled Exhaustion

Life is exhausting, Modern Philosophers.

No big reveal there.  Just a statement of fact.

Now we’ve got the technology to prove this fact.  My new Garmin comes with a Body Battery feature that lets me know when the old tank is getting empty.

Very early in the day yesterday, it warned me that my battery was at 5/100.  That was not a good sign considering I still had almost the entire day to survive.

So I struggled.  I hadn’t slept well.  I was stressed.  There had been strange nightmares that I couldn’t quite shake.  There was no chance to relax and recharge.

I was concerned enough, however, to come up with a plan.  This is a big deal when you consider I really don’t like to have plans.  I just prefer that life follow the exact same path day after day.

Yeah, I’m weird that way.

health, fitness, Modern PhilosopherIt was a rainy night, so I decided there would be no after work walk.  I was going to whip up a warm, refreshing dinner and then curl up on the couch to watch This Is Us and the Yankees game.

I also decided that there would be no run this morning, which meant I could sleep in an hour later and really give my body battery a chance to recover.

Now I could write paragraphs here about how amazing this week’s episode of This Is Us was, but this is neither the time, nor the place for that.  All I’ll say is that if you haven’t watched it, you really should.

I got really comfy on the couch after I ate, and barely moved all night.  I had a purring cat sitting on me to provide warmth and companionship.  A friend texted, which put a much needed smile on my face.

I periodically checked my Garmin, and was pleased to discover that my battery was steadily climbing.

Apparently, the best way to conquer the enchanting serenade of uncontrolled exhaustion is to simply give in to it.  Why fight what I can’t control?  My body needed rest, so that’s what I provided.

relaxation, humor, Modern PhilosopherWhen I woke up, my Garmin informed me that my Body Battery reading was 98/100.

Mission accomplished.

Of course, that number could not be maintained for long.  After all, I had to leave The House on the Hill and be where there were people.  According to my research, people are the leading cause of stress in my life and a major drain on the battery.

At least my number steadily declined all day, rather than bottoming out early in the morning.  I’m tired now, but not run down like I was last night.

And look at me coping with the stress by writing.

My Body Battery might not always be full, but my Brain Battery can usually figure out a way to prevent a total crash of my system.

The last thing I need is for a system shutdown, which would require my being sent back to the factory for a total reboot.  I’m sadly all alone, so who would pack me up and send me to the factory?

That alone is enough motivation to keep me going…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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9 Responses to The Enchanting Serenade of Uncontrolled Exhaustion

  1. kristianw84 says:

    This post answers last year’s posts question, “Are My Batteries Rechargeable?” Now, you have proof that they are!

    I’m glad you took the time to recharge them.

    This Is Us was incredible! The writing in that show is outstanding!

  2. cbiz50 says:

    Miguel deserved more… than one rushed show….Give Mandy Moore the Emmy right now…

  3. markbialczak says:

    Good move, listening to your body battery’s needs, Austin.

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