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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.

Sunshine Does Not Negate Social Distancing!

I’m a bit pissed off at my fellow man right now, Modern Philosophers. Don’t worry.  I’m probably not angry at any of you.  Unless, of course, you were out on the river walk this morning during my run. As I’ve … Continue reading

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Roger The Dodger

He entered the office with some trepidation.  The couch was his obvious destination, but he approached it as if he were afraid it might spring up and take a punch at him. The Psychiatrist observed this from her chair without … Continue reading

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Social Distancing Doesn’t Have To Mean Antisocial

As much as I embrace all the perks of the Introvert Lifestyle, Modern Philosophers, I know it is not for everyone.  This time of extended social distancing brought about by the spread of the Coronavirus must be difficult for those … Continue reading

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Running To Do Something

It was a rough week at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers, as I tried to adapt to life in the time of the Coronavirus. Sure, the social distancing is right up my quirky introvert alley, but that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Thanks For The (Horrible, Unwanted) Memories

One of the ways I’ve been keeping myself out of trouble during this period of intense social distancing, Modern Philosophers, has been to record old movies to watch when I need a good distraction. Yesterday, I viewed Clear and Present … Continue reading

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Social Distancing From Anxiety

I know times are changing because of the Coronavirus outbreak, Modern Philosophers, but some things can still remain the same. Sunday mornings are for long runs.  I’m well aware that we are supposed to be practicing social distancing, but my … Continue reading

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Social Distancing Is My Jam

This Coronavirus/Covid 19 Pandemic makes for anxious times, Modern Philosophers, but if you are an introvert, you should already be well prepared. Introverts have been training their whole lives for something like this.  We never quite knew why, but we … Continue reading

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