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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.

Quarantine Induced Shopping Disorder

I don’t need Web MD to add a new diagnosis to my ever growing list of quirks and issues, Modern Philosophers. After events of earlier this week, I can state with certainty that I have contracted a case of Quarantine … Continue reading

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Inner Truths Revealed During Quarantine

I don’t know about you, Modern Philosophers, but I’ve learned a lot about myself while being secluded at The House on the Hill over the past month. Apparently, the governor’s stay at home order was also one for personal reflection. … Continue reading

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Through The Looking Glass

As a proud, lifetime member of Introverts Club (the first rule of Introverts Club is that there are NEVER any meetings!), I don’t mind a little alone time. To be honest, I’m not that impressed by the world around me, … Continue reading

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Writing In My Sleep

I thought I would use of all this stay at home time to develop a very particular set of skills, Modern Philosophers. No, I do not intend to learn how to track down terrorists who kidnap my daughter, but I … Continue reading

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Has Anyone Seen My Formal Sweatpants?

I know someone, Modern Philosophers, who once explained to me that he always wears a suit to work because he dresses for the job he wants. Apparently, I really want to be a writer (or maybe an eccentric recluse), because … Continue reading

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Dirty Money

Trent and Monica cuddled on the couch as they watched TV.  There wasn’t anything exciting on, but at least it was something to do when there wasn’t much anyone could do.  At least they had each other. A knock on … Continue reading

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Could Darth Vader Defeat Beta’s Walker Herd?

With all this free time on my hands, Modern Philosophers, I’ve spent countless hours wrestling with the great Philosophical debates of our time. Lately, I’ve grown bored with the great debates, and moved onto to other burning questions that really … Continue reading

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