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Paradise By The Laptop Light

This blog is specially designed, via a secret algorithm that I can never share, to inspire you to both laugh and to conjure up Deep Thoughts, Modern Philosophers. So you’re probably wondering where I find my inspiration when the time … Continue reading

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Peer Pressuring My Inner Couch Potato

The goddess Nike is famous for uttering the line “Just do it!” when she created running shoes and bestowed them upon mankind for the first time, Modern Philosophers. Believe it or not, even though those immortal words play on a … Continue reading

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Love Your Fellow Earthling

Aaron and Holly sat across the path from each other on their assigned benches.  It was a windy day along the river, so there wasn’t much foot traffic on the black top that separated them. Holly knew the silence wouldn’t … Continue reading

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When Your Dreams Chase You

I’ve been having trouble sleeping again, Modern Philosophers.  Some of it has to do with the weather, the stress brought about by the pandemic and turmoil in our country, and a fear that things might only get worse after Election … Continue reading

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Is It Too Early To Celebrate Christmas?

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, Modern Philosophers, and it’s easy to understand why the black clouds have returned. Life in the Time of Trump and Coronavirus is very stressful, and my already high anxiety levels are … Continue reading

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It’s A Mask, Not A Mustache

Aaron and Holly sat in silence on his front porch.  It was his favorite place to hang out, and Holly considered herself lucky that he allowed her to share this sacred location. After all, in the days of COVID Chaos, … Continue reading

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Keep Your Damn Virus Off My Lawn!

It was a dark and stormy day in Maine, which was perfectly fine with Holly and Aaron since they both loved the rain. They sat on their usual benches one opposite sides of the running path down by the river.  … Continue reading

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Will Trump Go After Bookstores Next?

You know President Trump isn’t going to stop with putting the US Postal Service out of business, right, Modern Philosophers? He’s like one of those evil bullies from an 80s teen comedy.  The more he succeeds in being a prick, … Continue reading

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Slightly Loosening The Straps On My Straitjacket

We all know I’m a quirky introvert with tons of anxieties, Modern Philosophers.  This Coronavirus pandemic has only put more of an accent on the “quirky”, “introvert” and “anxieties” syllables of my personality. It was hard enough getting me to … Continue reading

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But Trump Saved Us From An Alien Invasion

Aaron and Holly were practicing proper social distancing on their favorite benches in the park.  Since they were fifteen feet apart, they had their masks off and were enjoying their favorite beverages on a beautiful Sunday morning. “I spent a … Continue reading

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