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How To Tell If Your Date Has A Crush On Putin

The interns keep nagging me about the fact that the blog’s inbox is overflowing with requests for a new dating tips post, Modern Philosophers. I love you guys, but you can be so demanding! Since I’m tired of the freckle … Continue reading

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How I Would Spend My Trump Hush Money

I’ve given it a great deal of Deep Thought, Modern Philosophers, and I am finally ready to answer the question so many of you have asked me. While $130,000 might be just a drop in the bucket to a supposed … Continue reading

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White House Easter Egg Hunt Held In Trump’s Hair

Apparently, the White House doesn’t feel Americans have been challenged enough by having to put up with Donald Trump as their President, Modern Philosophers. Trump’s staffers decided to make the annual White House Easter Egg even more difficult by having … Continue reading

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Trump Preemptively Fires Random Americans From White House Jobs

President Trump today fired 5,000 Americans from jobs in the White House. Predictably, the citizens, who had never worked for the President or at the White House, were caught off guard by the move. The termination notices were sent out … Continue reading

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St Patrick Vows To Drive Trump Out Of The White House

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Modern Philosophers! There’s even more reason to celebrate the most Irish day on American calendars this year.  For the first time since the Electoral College installed Donald Trump as President, there’s reason for Americans to believe … Continue reading

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Raise Your Voice!

I’ve never really been one to speak up and fight for what’s important to me, Modern Philosophers. I was actually raised in a household where my stepmother preached the philosophy of “Children should be seen and not heard”. As a … Continue reading

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Disappointment Trumps Excitement on President’s Day

I was talking to a coworker today, Modern Philosophers, and asked her how she was enjoying President’s Day. And that’s the first problem right there. I was at work on President’s Day. Remember when President’s Day was a national holiday?  … Continue reading

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