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Surviving Monday

Recent studies show, Modern Philosophers, that Monday is the least favorite day of the week. By “recent studies”, I, of course, mean a quick show of hands by all the interns and blog groupies hanging out at The House on … Continue reading

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Surviving Mother’s Day

I’ll start off this post on a positive note by wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, Modern Philosophers. The truth of the matter, however, is that not everyone celebrates this holiday.  For some of us, Mother’s Day is a very … Continue reading

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Intriguing Insights Into Speed Dating

It has been a cold, rainy day at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers, and the interns were getting on my last nerve because the weather prevented them from going outside to play. So to both placate them and … Continue reading

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Can You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love Baseball?

I’m so excited, Modern Philosophers, that tomorrow is Opening Day of the baseball season. I’ve missed my beloved Yankees and I’m thrilled that tomorrow’s game is televised on ESPN. Go Yankees! The return of baseball also means that it’s April … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Making The Same Dating Mistakes

It hasn’t escaped my notice, Modern Philosophers, that one of the main reasons why I’m still single is because I repeatedly make the same mistakes when I’m dating. Even though I don’t seem to be able to learn from my … Continue reading

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How To Handle Vivid Ex Dreams

It’s Saturday night, Modern Philosophers, which is when I usually dispense invaluable dating tips to help you in your search for love. This week, however, the post has more of a relationship advice slant due to events that occurred last … Continue reading

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How To Date Like The Tin Man

I may not be ready to jump back into the dating game, Modern Philosophers, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dispense more of my amazing dating advice. Recently, I waited out a thunderstorm at my favorite pub.  As the wind … Continue reading

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