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Happy Memorial Day (Even If You’re Confused)

Happy Memorial Day, Modern Philosophers! According to several tweets I’ve read this morning, people aren’t exactly clear about why we celebrate this holiday. While some folks are offended by their fellow Americans’ lack of information, I blame TV.  Because no … Continue reading

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Why I Am So Grateful For Our Veterans

Happy Veterans Day, Modern Philosophers! I made sure the flag was flying proudly from the porch of The House on the Hill before I left for my morning run. Our Veterans deserve to be celebrated, remembered, honored, and admired.  I … Continue reading

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Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It

There is a misconception that in Maine, the season after Winter and before Spring is called Mud Season. Apparently, it’s Gas Leak Season. For the second time this week, we were unchained from our desks and told to evacuate the … Continue reading

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