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Can America Have A New President For Its Birthday?

Happy Birthday, America! You don’t look a day over 200.  Congrats on surviving another year.  This last one seemed more challenging than others, but here we are, celebrating your big day. Woo hoo! It wouldn’t be a proper birthday without … Continue reading

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Americans Eager To Celebrate Their Independence…From Trump

As Independence Day quickly approaches, Modern Philosophers, a new poll reveals that Americans are more eager than ever to celebrate their freedom. But we’re not talking about independence from Merry Ole England… According to a phone poll conducted by the … Continue reading

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Fourth Of July: The Day We Celebrate The Legalization Of Fireworks In America

Happy Independence Day, Modern Philosophers! As you know, the Fourth of July is the Holiday when we celebrate the legalization of fireworks in America! Because the British had very strict laws against the use of fireworks, the first colonists left … Continue reading

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Thank You, Veterans

When I was just a boy, Growing up safe and sound In Brooklyn, I dreamed of one day Wearing a uniform And running onto the field At Yankee Stadium Like my childhood heroes. Now as an adult, Living safe and … Continue reading

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