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Dying To Meet You

“Have you ever met the Angel of Death, Austin?” The Devil asked as if it it were the most normal question to ask on a quiet Sunday afternoon. It caught me so by surprise that I almost dropped my spoon, … Continue reading

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Who Knew Death Loved Snapple?

I suffered through a long day at work, Modern Philosophers, dealing with this Winter Malady that has its claws firmly in me.  When I wasn’t coughing or sneezing, I was blowing my nose or clearing my throat.  It made for … Continue reading

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Maine Criminologist Disproves The Theory That Only The Good Die Young

Richard Tanner, a Criminology Professor at The University of Maine, today submitted a paper that clearly disproves the romantic notion that only the good die young.  In fact, Professor Tanner’s work goes on to show that good people outlive the … Continue reading

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