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My Liver Is Not On The Menu Today!

Horror movies and haunted houses don’t frighten me, Modern Philosophers.  In fact, I love to write thrillers and scary screenplays because I take joy in figuring out new and creative ways to give someone else an awesome fright. But do … Continue reading

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Fantabulous At 40!

Today was the 4oth run of my eight week running adventure, Modern Philosophers.  Tomorrow, I go for my annual physical, so I will know soon enough if all this exercise and healthy eating has done any good. I haven’t lost … Continue reading

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Just What The Doctor Ordered

Despite all my hang ups about going to the doctor, I might be in the running for Patient of the Year, Modern Philosophers. I say that because after my annual physical, which in no way resembled the medieval torture session … Continue reading

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Let’s Get A Physical, Physical…

Today is probably my least favorite day of the year, Modern Philosophers. No, I have nothing personal against August 28.  It’s the fact that I am scheduled for my annual physical this morning.  Ugh. As I have already established on … Continue reading

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