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Throwing Away Unhealthy Throwback Thursday Thoughts

It’s Throwback Thursday, Modern Philosophers, and I almost got sucked into a tear in the space-time continuum that I desperately try to avoid each year. When you spend sixteen years of your life with someone, it’s difficult to stop thinking … Continue reading

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The Ants Come Marching…Oh Crap!

Apparently I live in The House on the Ant Hill, Modern Philosophers! It was a beautiful day in Maine, with temperatures rising to 75 degrees!  I was all prepared to entertain you with a funny post about Mainers’ reaction to … Continue reading

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When Ants Attack…Sweaty Runners

Perhaps today is the day I sell the story of my crazy adventures to Syfy.  I was the victim of a harrowing ant attack, and I am desperately trying to get this all down on my blog before the ant … Continue reading

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