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Why Do Good Things Require So Much Work?

It’s never a good thing when my blog’s Board of Directors requests a meeting, Modern Philosophers. I thought that when I sold the blog, I’d take the money and run, but someone stupidly signed a deal agreeing to a partial … Continue reading

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Is This Enough Labor To Properly Celebrate Labor Day?

I almost couldn’t (wouldn’t) get out of bed this morning, Modern Philosophers. When I checked my phone, it said it was a chilly 54 degrees.  So, without any Deep Thought needed, I decided that staying under the warm covers was … Continue reading

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Time To Take A Much Needed Dump Run

Summer in Maine means yard work, Modern Philosophers. If I want to keep The House on the Hill looking top notch, I have to get my hands dirty working on the Great Lawn and the Side Gardens. You all know … Continue reading

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The Modern Philosopher Gets Bamboozled

The Nuns taught us back in Catholic School, Modern Philosophers, that Sunday was a day of rest. I bought into that because I knew never to doubt the Nuns.  If you questioned anything they said, they came after you with … Continue reading

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