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Maine: A Beautiful Postcard

It has been a long, trying week, Modern Philosophers, so I needed to change it up a little tonight in an attempt to shake me out of my funk. Rather than wandering around the neighborhood along my usual route on … Continue reading

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Santa Claus Is Parading Through Town

As I hinted in last night’s blog post, Modern Philosophers, I was moved so much by the little Christmas Tree that The Sweet Irish Girl sent me, that I did something last night I haven’t done in ages… I attended … Continue reading

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A Friendly Walk Across The Bridge

I normally only walk across the bridge, Modern Philosophers, to go on disappointing first dates. Tonight, however, I made an exception for an old friend.  I hadn’t seen Bethany aka “my cool boss” (the one who forced us to put … Continue reading

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Bangor DJ Refuses To Raise The Roof Until City Raises Minimum Wage

In the wake of the Bangor City Council’s recent decision to put off any decision on raising the city’s minimum wage until after the election in November, the city’s most popular DJ has decided to take a stand. “I’m not … Continue reading

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A Walk Worth Taking

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers! It’s been a rough day, but not for the usual reasons.  I had to be to work two hours earlier than usual for a meeting, but I got to leave two hours early.  Woo hoo! I’m … Continue reading

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I Think Of You Night And Day…

I went for a walk across the bridge tonight, Modern Philosophers, to get that beer I mentioned in the poem I published earlier. What a gorgeous night to be out for a stroll, and I’m so glad I had the … Continue reading

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Some Good Shots On A Great Friday

I urged you yesterday, Modern Philosophers, to turn Good Friday into a Great Friday. I did my part by going on a date last night.  I had a very good time and it felt great. Since it was a beautiful … Continue reading

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Over The Frozen River To Fetch A Beer

It truly was a rough week, Modern Philosophers, as you can tell from the photo, and I was determined to get the weekend off on an entirely different foot. So I broke with my normal routine of relaxing at The … Continue reading

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Paul Bunyan Statue Comes To Life And Strolls Through Downtown Bangor

Downtown Bangor looked like something out of a Godzilla flick today, or maybe it was more like Ghostbusters (who could ever forget the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?), when the Paul Bunyan statue in Bass Park came to life and went … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Zombies Wander Into Phish Concert; No One Freaks Out

The Phish concert, being held tonight at The Bangor Waterfront, was temporarily interrupted when a pack of Zombies wandered into the venue. Once the uninvited guests were decked out in tie dye and given some herbs to mellow them out, … Continue reading

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