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Career Opportunities

The four men sat on mismatched chairs around the rickety table in the dining room.  There wasn’t much furniture in the place, but spartan accommodations were all that were necessary in a safe house. The place was located in a … Continue reading

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The Radio Contest

Charlie drummed his fingers anxiously on the steering wheel. He hated being told to wait in the car.  It made him feel insignificant, and like the others were too embarrassed to be seen with him in public. Charlie glanced up … Continue reading

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Dragons Sought For Questioning In Bangor Bank Heist

Bangor Police and Fire Departments are investigating a bank robbery at the Chase Bank on Colorado St that resulted in the building being burned to the ground. Bank officials have not yet disclosed how much money was taken in the … Continue reading

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Thieves Surrender Once They Realize They Robbed A Sperm Bank

A crew of criminal masterminds (and I use that term ironically, Modern Philosophers) surrendered today to authorities in Southern Maine after they realized that the bank they’d robbed was a sperm bank. A spokesperson for the Portland Police Department told … Continue reading

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Christmas Movie Review: Santa Claus is Coming to The Town

In this gripping crime thriller written and directed by Oscar winner Ben Affleck, Santa Claus plays an FBI agent hell bent on capturing a band of bank robbers who go on a crime spree just in time for Christmas. Set … Continue reading

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