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A Matter Of Trusting Your Memory

I’m always amazed at how the human mind works, Modern Philosophers. We have a lifetime of memories stashed away in our brains, and we seem to be able to access them with incredible ease.  We remember things that should have … Continue reading

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My Favorite Hanukkah Song

I couldn’t let Hanukkah get too far into the swing of things, Modern Philosophers, without posting a video of my favorite song about the Holiday. No, it’s not Adam Sandler’s silly little tune.  Maybe my song wasn’t written specifically for … Continue reading

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Maine Criminologist Disproves The Theory That Only The Good Die Young

Richard Tanner, a Criminology Professor at The University of Maine, today submitted a paper that clearly disproves the romantic notion that only the good die young.  In fact, Professor Tanner’s work goes on to show that good people outlive the … Continue reading

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Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Sinned: Confessions of a Sinaholic

One of the unexpected benefits of being a Catholic boy in love with a Jewish girl is the occasional silly conversation that we’ll have about the differences in our religions.  Last night, after we’d both had some wine, The Girl … Continue reading

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