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What Is The Perfect Birthday Cake?

Tomorrow is my birthday, Modern Philosophers, so I thought I’d pose a very important philosophical question: What is the perfect birthday cake? Unfortunately, no one has asked me this question recently, which leads me to believe I’ll be on my … Continue reading

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Tell The Wise Men I’m All Stocked Up On Myrrh

Today is the Feast of the Birth of the Modern Philosopher. Some refer to January sixth as Little Christmas, The Epiphany, The Twelfth Day of Christmas, or the day the Three Wise Men finally arrived to gift Baby Jesus with … Continue reading

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The After Birthday Party

Oh  glorious piece Of Leftover Chocolate Birthday cake, Thank Zeus My eyes Were bigger than My tummy Last night When I purchased you. After the Horrible day I’ve had, It was A small miracle To discover you Waiting for me … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: Happy Birthday Edition

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers! This final week of Summer was a rough one. We had the Arctic Blast invade the office at my “real job”, which forced me to bundle up at my desk even though it was 75 degrees … Continue reading

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