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My Journey To The Dark Ages

While I am obsessed with time travel, there is no way I would choose to journey back to The Dark Ages when I finally get my time machine working, Modern Philosophers. That being said, I somehow found myself back in … Continue reading

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The Great Halloween Blackout

Do I have a wild and scary Halloween story for you, Modern Philosophers! You might have thought it strange that I would vanish and the blog would go dark during my favorite holiday, but Mother Nature left me no choice! … Continue reading

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It’s Like Revolution, Only Without Charlie

It was 3:20pm when the power went out, Modern Philosophers. I had been sensing that it was coming based upon comments by fellow Mainers on Facebook.  Since the Boy Scouts had raised me to always be prepared, I cranked the … Continue reading

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Drunk Dragon Knocks Out Power To Parts Of Maine

This is going to have to be a quick post, Modern Philosophers, because I don’t know how much longer I’ll have power.  It has been out most of the day, and authorities are saying that this is only a temporary … Continue reading

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