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I Advise You To Be A Shark

This week’s question was posed to me over the phone by a friend.  At her request, I have taken the gist of our conversation and turned it into a letter that I could reply to on the blog… Dear Modern … Continue reading

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I Advise You To Find A Very Large Umbrella

Dear Modern Philosopher, What do you do when the dark clouds won’t go away? Drowning in Darkness   Dear Drowning, As you know, I have often been trailed by the dark clouds, but I always manage to give them the … Continue reading

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Is It My Destiny To Be The King Of Pain?

It’s funny how a day can turn on you so quickly, Modern Philosophers. I got up early yesterday to go for my run.  The very first song to play on my MP3 player was “King of Pain” by The Police.  … Continue reading

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Love Me, Not My Shark Bite!

When you kiss me, You always touch My shark bite. You stare at it, And say It drives You wild. You pursued me, Much like That Great White Did across the Atlantic. Now that You’ve caught me, Will you Try … Continue reading

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Jump Start Your Brain: Birthday Cake

Happy Saturday, Modern Philosophers.  Hope your morning has gotten off to a better start than mine, as my day has been rather sad and tear filled. It’s never good to cry in a toga because the thing is a giant … Continue reading

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Bitter Couple Arrested In Plot To Murder Cupid

Maine State Police today arrested a Hermon couple, perhaps it’s better to call them a duo, in a murder for hire plot in which Cupid was the intended target. Bitter after an acrimonious divorce that dragged out for months and … Continue reading

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Store Loses Broken Heart Brought In For Repair

A Brewer man, who asked to remain anonymous, dropped off his broken heart for repair at a local shop (which shall remain nameless because they threatened to sue me if I mentioned the name), and when he returned to pick … Continue reading

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