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Glory Days, Well They’ll Make You Write

It’s important that we learn from our mistakes, Modern Philosophers. What I’ve learned from mine is that they can be quite entertaining if I write about them properly.  Almost everything I write has some basis in real life events. The … Continue reading

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Play Me Out, Sam

I found out on Tuesday that my stepbrother had died, Modern Philosophers, and it’s led to a complicated week. Now that Friday is finally here, my thoughts are still a jumbled mess and sorting them out seems impossible. I hope … Continue reading

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Intro to Springsteen

It’s my stepbrother’s fault that I love Bruce Springsteen, Modern Philosophers. Because of the ten year age difference, Chip was in high school and I was in first grade when our parents decided to Brady Bunch us into one big … Continue reading

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The Boss of My Dreams

Last night’s wild dream about trying to get my picture taken with Bruce Springsteen at a wedding in Italy definitely added a little excitement to an otherwise exhausting week, Modern Philosophers. I have been telling you since this blog’s inception … Continue reading

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Who’s Gonna Stop The Rain?

It was a chilly, rainy Sunday afternoon so I decided to sit out on the front porch of The House on the Hill to be alone with my thoughts. I’ve always found comfort in the rain, and one of the … Continue reading

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Why Santa Claus Won’t Be Coming To Town

I just finished watching Bruce Springsteen’s rocking rendition of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” that closed last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. I love The Boss, and his version of that tune might very well be my favorite … Continue reading

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Glory Days, Oh They’ll Pass You By…

“I had a friend who was a big baseball player, back in high school…”  — Bruce Springsteen, Glory Days I thought quoting this classic from The Boss would be perfect for this post, Modern Philosophers, given that it’s about today’s … Continue reading

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Pope To Rock The 4th With Springsteen Concert & Fireworks Show

Pope Francis, the “Partying Pontiff”, plans to turn St. Peter’s Square into the place to be for celebrating The Fourth of July.  The Vatican will rock in America’s Independence Day by hosting a Bruce Springsteen concert followed by a fireworks … Continue reading

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For The Brown Eyed Bookworm Who Needs A Study Break

She might be in a different time zone, but she’s never too far from my thoughts or my heart.  Tonight, The Girl Who Can Read Me Like A Book is poring over her books and cramming her big brain with … Continue reading

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Sometimes, You Just Need The Boss To Kick Your Butt Into Gear…

Good morning, Modern Philosophers! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in Maine…Easter Eve.  I’m just not feeling it, though, when it comes to getting out into the sunshine for my morning run.  So, I’ve decided to call in a Jersey … Continue reading

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