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The Joy of Waiting

I am not a patient man, Modern Philosophers. To that point, I am impatiently drumming my fingers on the table while waiting for you to finally finish reading this post so you can like and comment on it. I do … Continue reading

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Trump University To Buy The Electoral College?

In a stunning development on the eve of Election Day, Wall Street insiders have announced that Trump University is attempting to buy the Electoral College. Most political pundits agree that the only way Donald Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton and … Continue reading

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Bangor DJ Refuses To Raise The Roof Until City Raises Minimum Wage

In the wake of the Bangor City Council’s recent decision to put off any decision on raising the city’s minimum wage until after the election in November, the city’s most popular DJ has decided to take a stand. “I’m not … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Embraces Its Heritage With New Irish Menu

McDonald’s stunned this Fast Food Nation today, Modern Philosophers, when the company announced it was completely changing its menu. Citing a desire to embrace its heritage, while also differentiating itself from the growing number of fast food burger chains across … Continue reading

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Ghosts And Realtors Join Forces To Jump Start Maine’s Housing Market

According to reports released today, the Maine housing market is on an upswing. Through the first quarter of 2014, sales of new homes in Maine were up 29% from the previous quarter and a staggering 53% from the same time … Continue reading

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Maine’s First “Send Your Daughter To Work Day” Gets Mixed Reviews

Today was Maine’s first “Send Your Daughter To Work Day”.  The gist of which was that parents could take the day off as long as they sent a female offspring to work in their stead. Governor LePage has talked up … Continue reading

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