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Rename The Rooms Of Your House To Fight Cabin Fever

There was some recent polling done at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers, and residents were asked if they were slowly descending into madness from being isolated due to the Coronavirus outbreak. A startling 100% of respondents answered in … Continue reading

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Every Run Begins With A First Step

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post about running, Modern Philosophers. Most Winters, I am able to put on my heaviest running toga, lace up my running shoes, and hit the road to get a little mileage … Continue reading

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How To Stop The Snowsanity

I think the horrifying images have been burned into your brains for all eternity, Modern Philosophers. Yes, I’m talking about the Post Traumatic Snow Disorder inducing photos of my Snow Prison aka The Office That Was Ground Zero For Cabin … Continue reading

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How To Beat Cabin Fever And Influence People

We all know the old and very wise saying, Modern Philosophers: “Feed a cold, and starve a cabin fever.” That’s too simplistic for us, though, the toga wearers and generators of Deep Thoughts. The best way to beat cabin fever … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever, The Great Snow Wall, And An Ice Phallus

It’s the last day of February, Modern Philosophers! The sun is shining, so I have been out with the roof rake trying to clear away some of the snow so it doesn’t cause another leak when it starts to melt. … Continue reading

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Clocking In To Snow Prison

As we slowly crawl through the snow towards Spring, I feel the cabin fever creeping in, Modern Philosophers. Maybe it’s just my Post Traumatic Snow Disorder acting up again, or maybe the copious amounts of snow that have fallen on … Continue reading

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Every Room Comes Without A View

It was almost as if my coworkers and I were unwitting participants in a grand psychological experiment, Modern Philosophers. As if our Post Traumatic Snow Disorder wasn’t enough, the doctors wanted to see what would happen if they added a … Continue reading

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