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What’s The Deal With Candy Canes?

Seriously, though, Modern Philosophers, what’s the deal with candy canes? A friend and I were talking about acceptable stocking stuffers, and she suggested those oddly shaped red and white sticks that magically appear this time of year. Not in my … Continue reading

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Health Advocates Call Candy Canes “The Devil’s Crutches”

A health advocacy group known as “The Happy & Healthy Holidayers” went on a popular Maine morning radio show today to implore Mainers to eat healthy during the Holiday Season. One member singled out candy canes as being a major … Continue reading

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Candy Canes Cause Writer’s Block (A Peek into the Screenwriter’s Mind)

If you don’t follow my blog (And why don’t you? It’s fun, free, and can often be well-written and laugh-inducing!), you might not understand what’s going on here, so let me fill you in on what’s happening… I am a … Continue reading

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