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Christmas Comes Early For Zombie Car

Santa Claus will always reward you if you’re good, Modern Philosophers. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re Human or an Otherworldly Being, or if you are a beat up midsize sedan with more lives than a cat. … Continue reading

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Zombie Car Has Its Moment In The Sun

Zombie Car has passed inspection, Modern Philosophers! It now wears its 2014-2015 state inspection sticker like a badge of honor, and I wanted to show it off on my blog like a proud Zombie Car owner. And look, there’s the … Continue reading

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Rookie Driver Marty McFly New Favorite To Win #Indy500

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
The buzz at Indianapolis Motor Speedway tonight isn’t just coming from the motors of the finely tuned cars out on the track.  This Modern Philosopher has just learned that there has…

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Car, Car, C-a-r

Your only job is to get me From here to there I feed you Give you shelter Never ask you to take the checkered flag. How do you repay me? When I turn the key And whisper a prayer You … Continue reading

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Zombie Car Dies Again; Beleaguered Blogger Bummed

The Zombie Car, that undead piece of automotive wonder that resides in the garage of The House on the Hill, died again today.  It was 21.  Its only survivor is The Modern Philosopher, the poor man in the oil soaked … Continue reading

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Can This Jalopy Possibly Go Any Faster???

After managing to miraculously sleep past 10:00, Modern Philosophers, I had no excuse to skip this morning’s run.  I was excited to put my new plan in motion: focus on getting my 4 mile time down to 36:00 before trying … Continue reading

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Modern Philosopher Pedestrian Phortune Cookies

“If God had meant for us to drive, He would have created cars back when He was making everything else!” — The Man in the Toga, in a fit of anger, upon paying his repair bill at the mechanic’s I have … Continue reading

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