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When Labor Day Meant Something Different

I don’t know about you, Modern Philosophers, but when I was a kid, I hated Labor Day because it meant it was time to go back to school. Sure, I was a little nerd who got straight A’s, but I … Continue reading

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Intro to Springsteen

It’s my stepbrother’s fault that I love Bruce Springsteen, Modern Philosophers. Because of the ten year age difference, Chip was in high school and I was in first grade when our parents decided to Brady Bunch us into one big … Continue reading

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Dad: My Angel on the Basepaths

Since it’s Father’s Day, Modern Philosophers, I thought I’d share one of my favorite stories about my Dad. I was never very good at baseball, but I was very enthusiastic about playing it.  I was a devoted fan of the … Continue reading

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To My Mom, Who I Don’t Remember

Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! You died when I was only 3, and I hate that I have absolutely no memory of you. This photo is one of the very few I have of you, and the only one of … Continue reading

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Screw The Snow, Let’s Make Chili!

Feed a cold.  Starve a fever. Everyone knows the suggested medical treatment of the above mentioned conditions, Modern Philosophers. I’m going to be a trailblazer and add a new one to the list. Tell a blizzard to chili the hell … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To The Man Who Gave Me His Name, But Not His Looks!

Today is my Father’s birthday, Modern Philosophers.  I used to tease my Dad, aka “Big Austin”, that I was so lucky that he’d given me his name, but not his looks. While I do look like my Mom, I was … Continue reading

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Behind The Shopping Cart: My Lifelong Battle With Grocery Shopping

Friday night is usually when I do my grocery shopping, Modern Philosophers. I returned to The House on the Hill without incident tonight, but a trip to the supermarket hasn’t always been that simple for me.  As is the case … Continue reading

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