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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Solitude

Whenever it rains, I think of something my stepmother liked to say during similar weather conditions, Modern Philosophers. We’d be in the car, and from her throne aka the passenger seat, she would pass judgment on the world outside her … Continue reading

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Caves Aren’t Just For Neanderthals

Do you ever wonder what inspires my writing, Modern Philosophers? It’s as simple as an idea pops up in my head.  Mind you, thoughts are perpetually crashing around inside my skull, so it takes a special something for one of … Continue reading

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When Labor Day Meant Something Different

I don’t know about you, Modern Philosophers, but when I was a kid, I hated Labor Day because it meant it was time to go back to school. Sure, I was a little nerd who got straight A’s, but I … Continue reading

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Intro to Springsteen

It’s my stepbrother’s fault that I love Bruce Springsteen, Modern Philosophers. Because of the ten year age difference, Chip was in high school and I was in first grade when our parents decided to Brady Bunch us into one big … Continue reading

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Dad: My Angel on the Basepaths

Since it’s Father’s Day, Modern Philosophers, I thought I’d share one of my favorite stories about my Dad. I was never very good at baseball, but I was very enthusiastic about playing it.  I was a devoted fan of the … Continue reading

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To My Mom, Who I Don’t Remember

Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! You died when I was only 3, and I hate that I have absolutely no memory of you. This photo is one of the very few I have of you, and the only one of … Continue reading

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Screw The Snow, Let’s Make Chili!

Feed a cold.  Starve a fever. Everyone knows the suggested medical treatment of the above mentioned conditions, Modern Philosophers. I’m going to be a trailblazer and add a new one to the list. Tell a blizzard to chili the hell … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To The Man Who Gave Me His Name, But Not His Looks!

Today is my Father’s birthday, Modern Philosophers.  I used to tease my Dad, aka “Big Austin”, that I was so lucky that he’d given me his name, but not his looks. While I do look like my Mom, I was … Continue reading

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Behind The Shopping Cart: My Lifelong Battle With Grocery Shopping

Friday night is usually when I do my grocery shopping, Modern Philosophers. I returned to The House on the Hill without incident tonight, but a trip to the supermarket hasn’t always been that simple for me.  As is the case … Continue reading

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