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What’s The Deal With Candy Canes?

Seriously, though, Modern Philosophers, what’s the deal with candy canes? A friend and I were talking about acceptable stocking stuffers, and she suggested those oddly shaped red and white sticks that magically appear this time of year. Not in my … Continue reading

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My Christmas Stocking Is Longer Than Yours

Christmas Is almost here, So I think We finally need To talk About your issue With the size Of my stocking. I know It bothers you That my stocking Is much longer Than yours, But you can’t Blame me For … Continue reading

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How’s it Hangin’? Santa Says Size Matters!

Santa Claus has to be the busiest man in the world right now, so when he Skypes this Modern Philosopher and asks if he can have a few minutes of my time, I drop everything and give the big guy … Continue reading

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