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Baby, It’s Ridiculously Cold Outside!

The good news, Modern Philosophers, is that I have taken great strides in overcoming my paralyzing fear of driving in the snow. The RAV4 has made traveling the winter roads of Maine a much less anxious endeavor, and that has … Continue reading

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My Arctic Adventure

Dr Jekyll has often told me, Modern Philosophers, that the best way to conquer my Post Traumatic Snow Disorder, is to go on little adventures to change my routine and shake those winter blues. Not only will the break from … Continue reading

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The Heat Is On…And Not In An Axel Foley Kinda Way

I did something unthinkable this morning, Modern Philosophers. It was the kind of thing that should’ve caused Axel Foley to kick in my door, burst into The House on the Hill with his gun drawn, and place me under arrest. … Continue reading

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How I Miss The 40s

You don’t realize How much You miss something Until it’s gone. Lately, I find myself Longing for The 40s. It was A simpler time. Life was better, I was happier, The world was… More alive! While thoughts Of the 4os … Continue reading

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Go Fourth With Sweat To Conquer The Big Chill

The Big Chill was a major problem in The House on the Hill this morning, Modern Philosophers. No, I’m not talking about the 1983 ensemble film with the classic soundtrack that has thrilled American audiences for three decades. I’m referring … Continue reading

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Mercury Poisoning: Thermometers Refuse to Budge as Maine Returns to Ice Age

Talks between the People of Maine and the Thermometer Union broke down earlier today after the Mercury again refused to budge from its position well below freezing.  Neither side would discuss the negotiations on the record, but I was outside … Continue reading

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