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Where Are The Christmas Cookies?

I don’t miss being married, Modern Philosophers, but every year at Christmas, I’m reminded of something important I miss from my marriage… My mother-in-law’s Christmas cookies. Just thinking about them as I write this, more than fifteen years after my … Continue reading

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More Single Men Turning To The Dark Side…Of The Bed

Who can ever forget that iconic scene in The Empire Strikes Back, Modern Philosophers, when Luke is hanging off the catwalk and Darth Vader is revealing family secrets? Vader reaches out to the fruit of his loins and makes his … Continue reading

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The Girl Scouts Are Out To Destroy Me!

The Girl Scouts are out to get me, Modern Philosophers! Sure, they look all sweet and innocent, but underneath those adorable smiles is something much more sinister. As I have been documenting on the blog, I am back on a … Continue reading

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Girls Scouts Decide To Sell Liver And Onions Rather Than Cookies

It just got a whole lot easier to say “No!” to that annoying coworker who’s always trying to get you to buy Girl Scout Cookies… In a move that stunned many and disgusted countless more, The Girl Scouts today announced … Continue reading

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