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Run From What Ails You

I was misinformed, Modern Philosophers, and I wish to lodge an official protest! So many people have told me over the course of my life that you can’t run from your problems.  But recent research has proven this to be … Continue reading

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WWJD: What Would Jeb Do?

I made an executive decision this morning, Modern Philosophers, that Sunday was going to be a day of rest. I know I’m not the first to come up with this catchy slogan for Sunday, but I’m talking in a personal … Continue reading

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After Dinner Mints: That Beautiful Buzz

I’ve been hopelessly procrastinating on this week’s column for The Good Men Project, Modern Philosophers, and really shouldn’t be out on the porch, with my feet up on the rail, blogging to you after dinner. However, I had one of … Continue reading

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Popular Prescription: Patriotic Porch Pie

Doctors are so quick these days, Modern Philosophers, to write out a prescription for a magic pill that can cure whatever ails you. I am big supporter of Magic, but the kind conjured up by Witches, not dispensed in tablet … Continue reading

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