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I’m Thankful For Less Anxiety

Happy Thanksgiving, Modern Philosophers! In honor of the holiday, I thought I’d write a post about something for which I am thankful this year. As Turkey Day rolls around, I’m grateful that there is less anxiety in my life. It’s … Continue reading

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A Reminder To Stay Positive

We interrupt our regularly scheduled content for this Public Service Announcement, Modern Philosophers: Stay positive! To be honest, I needed to remind myself of that tonight, which has led to my writing this post. Yes, the blog is here for … Continue reading

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Clearing The Fog In My Mind

We all fall into funks at one time or another, Modern Philosophers, but not necessarily for the same reasons. Mine are usually related to one of three things: My inability to support myself as a full time writer. My frustration … Continue reading

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Baseball Season Is Coming!

It snowed again today, Modern Philosophers, which should come as absolutely no surprise since this blog is coming to you live from Winter in Maine, where the snow never stops. I had the day off, but I did not allow … Continue reading

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Defusing The Stress Bomb

There was a bomb scare at The House on the Hill today, Modern Philosophers. Luckily for me, I have some experience in this area and a bomb squad suit always at the ready. As of this writing, the stress bomb … Continue reading

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The Dentist

O Dentist, My Dentist, The time has come For our semi-annual Get together. Oh how I hate Seeing you, Even though, By all accounts, You seem to be A very nice guy. I’ll never forget That time I ran Into … Continue reading

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Surviving Monday

Recent studies show, Modern Philosophers, that Monday is the least favorite day of the week. By “recent studies”, I, of course, mean a quick show of hands by all the interns and blog groupies hanging out at The House on … Continue reading

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