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And Then I Ate My Weight In Turkey…

Happy Thanksgiving, Modern Philosophers! This has always been a complicated holiday for me.  It is linked to so many memories, both good and bad, usually associated with past relationships. As a result, I tend to be moody on Turkey Day.  … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Sweat The Small Stuff

I really can’t afford to sweat the small stuff, Modern Philosophers, because I already sweat profusely from my runs, which keep getting longer and sweatier every day. I will be the first to admit that I’ve never been good at … Continue reading

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I Am…

sad. alone. confused. brokenhearted. doubting myself. wondering how this happened. wishing that someone would just understand. crying. unable to sleep. talking to myself. dreaming about her constantly. afraid of spending the rest of my life alone. incapable of getting anyone … Continue reading

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Ice Cream For Dinner

You can probably tell from the title of the post what kind of day I’ve had, Modern Philosophers. Very early in the afternoon, as my lunch salad sat heavily in my stomach and the work day dragged slowly on, I … Continue reading

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Finding The Shining Moment Of Sanity

These last few days have been a little crazy around The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers, as I deal with a personal issue that has me completely out of sorts. When life shows signs of fitting me for a … Continue reading

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Wine: For When The Days Start To Bleed Together

I was so certain that today was Friday, Modern Philosophers, that I’m still having difficulty wrapping my brain around the fact that it’s not. I got off work early, and party animal that I am, I decided to go grocery … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: What Dreams May Come

It’s Friday, Modern Philosophers. I’ve chosen to take a more somber approach to this week’s Think Tank post because I want to open the conversation to a very serious topic.  While this is a Humor blog, it is also one … Continue reading

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