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You Can’t Ask Santa Claus For That

Aaron sipped his Snapple and stared out at the river.  The clouds were out in full force, and he busied himself looking for discernible shapes in the sky. Holly sipped her coffee in silence as she stared across the path … Continue reading

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CDC Names “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Its Official Holiday Song

In an attempt to make their announcements sound less like harbingers of impending doom, the CDC today shared that it has selected an official song for the 2020 Holiday Season, Modern Philosophers. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” will have the … Continue reading

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Absentee Turkey Cravings

“I think I’m suffering from absentee turkey cravings,” Aaron announced from him bench. Before replying, Holly took a long sip of her coffee since it was a decidedly cold and windy day along the river. “I’m not sure what that … Continue reading

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Trump Declares Victory Over Halloween

Just mere days after the White House website claimed that the administration had put an end to COVID-19, President Trump has taken credit for another huge accomplishment, Modern Philosophers. Now he’s declared victory over Halloween. At a campaign rally in … Continue reading

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All Tricks, No Treats

“It’s less than two weeks until Halloween, and I couldn’t help but notice that you had no decorations out on your porch,” Holly commented from the bench on her side of the running path as she sipped her coffee. “That … Continue reading

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The Long Distance Relationship

They sat on his front porch and enjoyed the gorgeous Autumn weather in Maine.  Aaron had his legs up on the front porch railing and sipped his Snapple.  Holly wrapped her hands tightly around her coffee cup in hopes of … Continue reading

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CDC Adds Sunday Joyride to Approved Coronavirus Treatments

Modern Philosophers, are you tired of waiting around for a Coronavirus vaccine? Are you sick of wearing a mask? Are you done letting the Coronavirus dominate you? Well, there might finally be some good news for you. According to the … Continue reading

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Trump’s Not So Wise Guys

“Do you ever feel like our country is being run by the most inept organized crime family in history?” Aaron asked from where he sat on his side of the running path. Holly lowered her mask, over on her side … Continue reading

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How Would President Snow Handle The Coronavirus?

I’ve been reading Suzanne Collins’ prequel to The Hunger Games, Modern Philosophers, and the book really has the Deep Thoughts flowing. The novel follows the life of a young Coriolanus Snow during the tenth Hunger Games.  Remarkable, the author manages … Continue reading

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Is It Too Early To Celebrate Christmas?

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, Modern Philosophers, and it’s easy to understand why the black clouds have returned. Life in the Time of Trump and Coronavirus is very stressful, and my already high anxiety levels are … Continue reading

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