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We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Refund

“I filed my taxes this week!” Aaron proclaimed excitedly as he sat. Holly, who was still settling in on her bench on the opposite side of the path by the river, almost dropped her coffee in surprise. “I thought they … Continue reading

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Restocking My Panic Pantry

Doesn’t the title of this blog post sound like an excellent metaphor for the life of a guy with a plethora of fears and phobias, Modern Philosophers? Can you imagine me figuratively restocking my metaphoric panic pantry ever time something … Continue reading

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A New Grip On Reality

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed the vanishing act I pulled on Tuesday morning, Modern Philosophers. I wrote a post Monday night about receiving my second Coronavirus vaccination.  Then I deleted it about twelve hours later. I wanted … Continue reading

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A Return To Wally World

It was a frigid 13 degrees down by the Penobscot River, so Holly chugged her coffee and stamped her feet to keep warm. Across the path, on his bench, Aaron sat in silence and stared at the water.  The cold … Continue reading

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No More Resolutions

Aaron waited until Holly pulled down her mask and sipped her coffee before he broke the silence. “Before you ask, I will not be participating in whatever ridiculous shenanigans you have planned for New Year’s Eve.” He lowered his mask, … Continue reading

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Who’s Up For A Second Christmas?

Merry Christmas, Modern Philosophers! I had an intriguing idea, and I thought I’d break the monotony of my lonely Christmas by sharing it with you in a blog post. Normally, I’d label this a brilliant idea, but with the way … Continue reading

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The Christmas I Interned For Santa Claus

It was quiet along the river path, but not for the usual reason. Normally, this late into December, the path was buried under snow that the city refused to plow, so no one dared to use it. Today, however, the … Continue reading

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Wear A Mask Or You’re Going On The Naughty List

Santa Claus is coming to town, Modern Philosophers, and he’s intent on helping to enforce masking laws to keep us all safe from the Coronavirus. “If you don’t wear a mask, you’re going on the Naughty List.  It’s that simple!” … Continue reading

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You Can’t Ask Santa Claus For That

Aaron sipped his Snapple and stared out at the river.  The clouds were out in full force, and he busied himself looking for discernible shapes in the sky. Holly sipped her coffee in silence as she stared across the path … Continue reading

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CDC Names “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Its Official Holiday Song

In an attempt to make their announcements sound less like harbingers of impending doom, the CDC today shared that it has selected an official song for the 2020 Holiday Season, Modern Philosophers. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” will have the … Continue reading

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