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Run And Tell The Angels Champ’s Not A Time Traveler

I made a surprise bonus post of my latest serial last night, Modern Philosophers. By now, many of you have read chapter 10 and contacted me via all forms of social media to share your thoughts.  All those comments mentioned … Continue reading

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Be Sure To Stir The Brain Stew

“I really liked the new character you introduced in your serial this week,” Holly stated. Aaron finished drinking his Snapple, but did manage to nod to acknowledge the compliment.  Once the drink was done, he lowered the bottle to reveal … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Pages Gone?

One would think that someone who famously suffers from abandonment issues would never turn his back on anyone, Modern Philosophers. However, I’ve done exactly that to the characters in my novel. I have not written a single word of that … Continue reading

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My Brain Will Fill In The Rest

One of the biggest drawbacks of being a superstitious writer working on a secret project, Modern Philosophers, is that I don’t have anyone to talk to about my story. I can’t seek out advice, run plot ideas past anyone, or … Continue reading

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