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Talk My Ear Off, Win My Heart

The other day, someone asked what I was looking for in a relationship, Modern Philosophers. That’s an intriguing question, that I could have spent hours answering, but I had a sense my friend was looking for something cut and dry. … Continue reading

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I Forgot It Was Valentine’s Day. And That’s Great!

It wasn’t until a coworker handed out chocolates in the office yesterday, Modern Philosophers, that I realized it was Valentine’s Day weekend. And I think that’s great. Normally, I’d dwell on the fact that I was single on Valentine’s Day.  … Continue reading

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What The Birthday Boy Wants

Holly pounded her boots against the blacktop to both shake off the snow, and to get the circulation going in her feet. It was bitterly cold along the river, and the six inches of snow did absolutely nothing to make … Continue reading

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Maybe Cupid Cares About Your Budget

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, Modern Philosophers.  I belong to a support group called Why Does Cupid Hate Us?, which is for people who have issues about being single.  Not everyone in the group is angry or bitter, but around … Continue reading

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You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

I’m beginning to think I’m horrible at dating, Modern Philosophers. I know what you want to say:  It took you this long to realize that, Austin??? Good one.  All joking aside, though, I was giving it some thought this morning … Continue reading

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The Other End Of The Tunnel

Sally and Justin walked hand in hand along the path that lined the river. It was an overcast autumn afternoon in Maine, and Sally was bundled up accordingly.  Justin, on the other hand, wore a light jacket and his ever … Continue reading

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The Halloween Party

He sat off in the corner, all by himself, on a beat up couch that seemed as forgotten by the homeowners as he wanted to be by the other party guests. He was dressed in a tuxedo and looked quite … Continue reading

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The Dream Slayer Scenario

They smiled politely at the waitress, and waited for her to walk away after delivering their drinks, before they dove head first into the awkward conversation associated with a first date. “Abby tells me you’re a writer,” Maggie broke the … Continue reading

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The Ben Franklin Contingency

Mark and Ian, a couple of thirtysomething guys, sat across from each other at the table next to the front window of the coffee shop. It was raining pretty hard, and since they both liked the rain, they’d chosen their … Continue reading

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Banking On A No Interest Pick Up Line

June was just minding her own business, filling out a deposit slip, when the guy approached her. She was an attractive woman, so this was not the first time a stranger had tried to strike up a conversation, but she’d … Continue reading

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