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Will You Be My Chief of Staff?

Happy Presidents Day, Modern Philosophers! Valentine’s Day always gets the spotlight as the big time holiday for romance, but did you know there’s a second day in February aimed at lovers? It’s Presidents Day, of course. Since Cupid’s big day … Continue reading

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A Midwinter Night’s Dream

It wasn’t much as far as dreams go.  However, when I woke up and realized it had only been a dream, I wanted to cry. Because it had been about her. As much as I want to, I rarely dream … Continue reading

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June Bug

“I cannot believe it’s already June,” Holly said with a sigh as she carefully stretched her arms over her head so as to not spill her coffee. It was the first Sunday in June, and the best friends were seated … Continue reading

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Missing Marriage Much?

Someone was talking to me about a relationship issue the other day.  I wasn’t really listening, but then he put me on the spot by saying, “I bet you don’t miss being married”. I didn’t like that he simply assumed … Continue reading

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When Does Life Start To Imitate Art?

I am a hopeless romantic, Modern Philosophers, with a definite accent on the hopeless part of that title. It’s not that I’m looking for love in all the wrong places, but more a case of love hiding from me so … Continue reading

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Interleague Play

Aaron and Holly sat on their usual bench overlooking the Penobscot River.  It was a gorgeous summer day, and the ducks were out for a morning swim. Holly sipped her coffee and smiled at the ducks, while Aaron sat in … Continue reading

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Try To See It My Way

It was a beautiful morning in Maine, and perfect weather for an outing along the river walk.  It was 70 degrees, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and sun was shining brightly. Holly loved this time of year.  As … Continue reading

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The Post-Pandemic Dating Game

It was a beautiful Spring morning in Maine. Aaron and Holly sat on the same bench, mere inches apart, and stared out at the river.  It was an amazing shade of blue today, and really warranted their full attention. Neither … Continue reading

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Talk My Ear Off, Win My Heart

The other day, someone asked what I was looking for in a relationship, Modern Philosophers. That’s an intriguing question, that I could have spent hours answering, but I had a sense my friend was looking for something cut and dry. … Continue reading

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I Forgot It Was Valentine’s Day. And That’s Great!

It wasn’t until a coworker handed out chocolates in the office yesterday, Modern Philosophers, that I realized it was Valentine’s Day weekend. And I think that’s great. Normally, I’d dwell on the fact that I was single on Valentine’s Day.  … Continue reading

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