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Investing In The Oscars

The Devil appeared at my front door in an impeccably tailored tuxedo.  He looked like he’d just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. Meanwhile, I was schlepping around in ratty sweatpants, my Nite Show fleece, and a Yankees … Continue reading

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What The Hell-ary?

“Hey, buddy, do you have a second?” the Devil asked a little too sweetly from the doorway that led from the foyer to the living room. The innocent smile on his handsome face set off my internal alarms as I … Continue reading

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Lucifer, Salesman of the Year

“Isn’t this the most gorgeous day we’ve had all year?” I asked The Devil as I put my feet up on the front porch railing and sipped my Snapple. It was a glorious Spring Sunday, and I didn’t need Lucifer … Continue reading

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And The Oscar Goes To…Hell!

“I cannot wait for the Academy Awards to start!” I declared excitedly as I handed The Devil an ice cold Snapple. For once, I was dressed almost as nicely as my frequent house guest.  Since the Oscars were on tonight, … Continue reading

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Friday Night Think Tank: It’s Hot As Hell Edition

It’s Friday Night, Modern Philosophers, and it’s very uncomfortable here at The House on the Hill.  It was extremely warm today, and the heat has apparently decided to make itself at home here.  And so, I am preparing to run … Continue reading

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The Devil Inside (My House, Specifically My Living Room)

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to walking into my living room and discovering The Devil sitting on my couch, cloven hooves up on my table, as he sipped a beer and watched my television.  You should know by … Continue reading

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