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Are We Dinosaurs Admiring A Meteor?

The Devil made a big play of using his silk handkerchief to clear the dust from his impeccably tailored suit. He stood at the bottom of the stairs that had led him down into the basement bunker of The House … Continue reading

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Random Rainy Tuesday Ramblings

I set the alarm clock so I could get up early to workout, Modern Philosophers, but once I was awake, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Instead, I felt achy and sore. So I decided to scrap the plans to exercise … Continue reading

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I Wouldn’t Make A Very Good Caveman

I was thinking today, as I’m sure you often do, Modern Philosophers, about how good of a caveman I would have been. My first conclusion was that I’d be great at it.  The House on the Hill has become something … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs To Picket Theaters Showing Jurassic World

ROAR!!! That thundering sound did not come from inside a movie theater, Modern Philosophers, but rather from a secret meeting of Maine’s chapter of Dinosaurs for the Ethical Treatment of Prehistoric Animals (DETPA). Maine’s Dinosaur population has gathered to discuss … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny To Deliver Dinosaur Eggs To Promote Jurassic World

Universal Pictures and the Easter Bunny  today announced an exciting new Holiday promotion for the upcoming release of Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park series. The film, which is scheduled to be released in June, is directed … Continue reading

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How Did People Exercise Before Running Was Invented?

Happy Sunday, Modern Philosophers. As I started on my morning run, the oddest Deep Thought materialized: How did people exercise before running was invented? I imagine that cave people were an obese bunch since they didn’t have gyms, exercise equipment, … Continue reading

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Are Mad Scientists Hoarding Cryogenically Frozen Dinosaurs For World Domination?

The rumor that a cabal of Mad Scientists has been traveling back in time to capture, and then cryogenically freeze dinosaurs to unleash on an unwitting population as part of a plan for World Domination, has been picking up steam, … Continue reading

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