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Thanks For The (Horrible, Unwanted) Memories

One of the ways I’ve been keeping myself out of trouble during this period of intense social distancing, Modern Philosophers, has been to record old movies to watch when I need a good distraction. Yesterday, I viewed Clear and Present … Continue reading

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Rewriting The Dream

I decided to eat breakfast out on the porch this morning, Modern Philosophers. It was a perfect summer morning.  Clear blue sky.  Gentle breeze.  So quiet that the only other sound was that of birds singing.  It doesn’t get much … Continue reading

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The Ghost Busting My Balls

I was exhausted today because I didn’t sleep well last night, Modern Philosophers, and I know exactly who’s to blame… My ex-wife! Sure, we’ve been divorced for fifteen years, and I haven’t seen her for almost as long, but that … Continue reading

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A Day Like Any Other

I failed again, Modern Philosophers. Once again, I could not make myself forget that yesterday used to be my wedding anniversary. The irony of it is, I was so determined to never forget my anniversary.   I had grown up watching … Continue reading

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Is The House On The Hill On Elm Street?

I’m beginning to think The House on the Hill has relocated to Elm Street, Modern Philosophers. I’ve always had nightmares, but over the last few nights, they’ve really been disturbing.  The kind that makes you jumpy all day. It’s gotten … Continue reading

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Opening Pandora’s Dream Box

I’m on a creative roll, Modern Philosophers. Yesterday, I sat out on the porch and started writing the pilot episode of the TV series about my time in college. I churned out seventeen pages, but was constantly rewriting along the … Continue reading

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The Divorce Epiphany

Allie awoke with a start, as if suddenly coming to after a horrific nightmare. Although she was in bed, and it was the middle of the night, it was not a bad dream that had roused her from her slumber. … Continue reading

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My Divorce Tax Is Paid In Full!

I’ve honestly lost track, Modern Philosophers, of how long it’s been since I got divorced.  I want to say fourteen years, but don’t hold me to that. Even though I have long moved on from my marriage, there are still … Continue reading

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Legally Wound: How Not To Spend Your Day Off

I spent a large chunk of my day off, Modern Philosophers, at the historic Bangor Federal Building. Unfortunately, I was not there on a sightseeing tour or to try on judges’ robes.  I had to give a deposition. Don’t worry.  … Continue reading

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Little White (Dress) Lies Hurt The Most

It was twenty years ago today, Modern Philosophers, that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play… Okay, this isn’t a post about The Beatles, but there could very well be a Lonely Hearts Club involved. Twenty years ago today, I … Continue reading

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