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Easter Bunny To Replace Easter Eggs With IOUs

Here comes Peter Cottontail, Modern Philosophers.  He’s hopping down the Bunny Trail, but he’s not bringing his usual assortment of festively colored Easter eggs for children to find. That’s right, folks, even the Easter Bunny has felt the ill effects … Continue reading

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What’s The Deal With The Easter Bunny?

Easter is tomorrow, Modern Philosophers, and the holiday has brought up some burning questions that have always gnawed at me.  Since I have an unusual amount of time on my hands due to the COVID 19 pandemic, I decided to … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny Assures Us That It’s Business As Usual

In a world where everything is changing, events are being canceled, and we are unsure when we will ever be allowed to gather to socialize again, it is nice to know that one important event is going ahead as scheduled, … Continue reading

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White House Easter Egg Hunt Held In Trump’s Hair

Apparently, the White House doesn’t feel Americans have been challenged enough by having to put up with Donald Trump as their President, Modern Philosophers. Trump’s staffers decided to make the annual White House Easter Egg even more difficult by having … Continue reading

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Is That Jesus In The Easter Bunny Costume?

Like most Americans, Modern Philosophers, I don’t listen to much British talk radio.  Not only is the distance a problem, but I also prefer not to be bored to death when I crank up the old wireless. Every once in … Continue reading

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Pope Okays Chocolate Eucharist For Easter Mass

Pope Francis gave Catholics an early Easter present today, Modern Philosophers, when he announced that he has approved the use of chocolate Eucharists by churches at Easter Sunday Mass. The move, which drove old school Catholics to their rosaries to … Continue reading

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Trump Bans Non-Orange Easter Eggs

In a move that probably won’t surprise as many people as it really should, Modern Philosophers, President Trump issued an Executive Order today banning all non-orange Easter eggs. While it’s most likely just another calculated move to freak us out … Continue reading

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To Hell In An Easter Basket

The Devil, wearing an eye catching pastel tie with his usual impeccably tailored suit, strode into my living room with such determination that I feared he was coming to claim my eternal soul. Instead, he slammed an Easter Basket down … Continue reading

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Let Easter Viagra Resurrect Your Love Life!

Easter doesn’t just have to be for the kiddos anymore, Modern Philosophers! This year, if you ask real nice (and your doctor says your heart is safe for sex!) the Easter Bunny might bring something special for those adults looking … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny Hospitalized After Laying Too Many Easter Eggs

Easter is in jeopardy, Modern Philosophers, after the Easter Bunny was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment of severe exhaustion. While getting ready for the big holiday, which celebrates the invention of Easter Candy by the Pilgrims in 1695, … Continue reading

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